NEW YORK, N.Y. — CheapOair, an award winning, top budget travel website, dedicated to leveraging the latest technology to deliver cheap flights and discount hotels, as well as low priced car rentals, is proud to present a Top 10 Travel Safety Tips article as part of their Travel Article Series. CheapOair’s latest article speaks to travel safety, something many travelers are concerned about. The CheapOair Safety Tips for Travelers article covers airline safety, child safety, and car rental safety, avoiding travel scams, travel and health information and safety tips for women travelers, and much more.

CheapOairA representative of CheapOair said, “We are a consumer travel website. In addition to providing cheap flights, weekly travel deals and other travel products, by enhancing our travel resources to include safety tips for travelers, we’re giving our customers detailed information about genuine concerns and questions they have.”

CheapOair’s Travel Safety Tips Articles provide extensive detail about airline safety, when to arrive at the airport, passing through security checkpoints expeditiously, traveling with children and managing your luggage, to name a few. Child Safety provides info on following FAA guidelines when flying with children, and what to, and not to pack for kids during a flight. Hotel Safety tips provide insight into choosing a hotel, what to do when you’re checking in and managing your valuables. Travel insurance and packing tips helps travelers maintain a high level of organization. Avoiding taxi and travel scams before departing for your vacation, as well as travel and health information, and what Americans need to know before traveling abroad.

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