TEMECULA, Calif. — Written Inc. has developed a breakthrough technology which has led to the first significant improvement to the 150-year-old science of handwriting analysis. This week, the company released the latest version of their personality assessment tool, Candidate Insight(TM).

The enhancements made to this new version will help clients to virtually eliminate hiring mistakes. And, as the economy continues to slow and revenues shrink, more than ever, companies cannot afford costly hiring mistakes. One bad apple can ruin the culture, drive the good people out and seriously impact the bottom line.

Written Inc As a result, more and more companies are seeking innovative solutions to improve their candidate selection process. Interviews, resumes, background checks and traditional personality tests fall short when it comes to revealing the candidate’s true personality.

That’s where Candidate Insight comes in. The solution reveals hundreds of hidden personality traits, most of which have never been available to employers prior to hiring.

“Imagine the benefit of knowing, with ninety-five percent accuracy, that the candidate a client is about to make an offer to is argumentative, dishonest, moody and inflexible?” Ryan Vener, Written Inc.’s vice president, queried. “We can even tell clients if the candidate is violent. No other hiring tool or other personality assessment even comes close to our accuracy and insight.”

In their research, Written Inc. discovered that traditional handwriting analysis was too simplistic when examining the relationship between characteristics and traits. The one-to-one relationship that’s often used – for example crossing a “t” this way means “x” – resulted in ambiguous and inaccurate results. Written Inc. found that a person’s handwriting, or as they refer to it – “written body language” – is far more complex and requires technology to get it right.

This newest version of Candidate Insight incorporates artificial intelligence and a sophisticated relational database that keeps track of these complex relationships.

Candidate Insight is fast and easy to administer. Job applicants are simply asked to copy two short paragraphs onto a form that is then faxed to Written, Inc. The company’s handwriting specialists analyze the samples with the aid of a software application. The reports are then uploaded as a PDF file to a secure web site where clients can access them directly.

Business consultant and sales training guru, Patrick Cahill of MAC Venture Group in New York City, advises all of his clients to use Candidate Insight.

“After reviewing the numbers, we found that eighty-seven percent of our clients had made a serious hiring mistake in the last two years,” Cahill explained. “We estimated the average cost to each client to be upwards of $300,000. By adding this simple and inexpensive tool to their hiring process, they’ve virtually eliminated these hiring mistakes.”

To learn more about this revolutionary hiring tool, Candidate Insight, visit or call +1-888-670-6702.

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