DALLAS, Texas — Biometric Signature ID (“BSI”) announces that CEO, Jeffrey Maynard, will be a speaker at 2007 InnoTech Austin, the Business & Technology Innovation Conference & Expo to take place at the Austin Convention Center. Mr. Maynard will speak Thursday, October 11 at 9:00 a.m. with an innovative presentation entitled “Biometric Solutions for Identity Authentication and Identity Theft – What You Should Know.”

Mr. Maynard stated “Dynamic biometrics have emerged to solve the market needs for a strong identity authentication solution to prevent unauthorized user access.” BSI will be exhibiting its latest suite of 4 layer identity authentication products and self service password reset technology using dynamic biometrics. Mr. Maynard stated “We welcome all conference participants to stop by our booth to try our unique software solutions first hand and discover its ease of use.” Please visit for information.

BSI, a leader in authentication software, provides solutions for the positive identification of users, using its patent pending biometric handwriting and gesture technology called BioSig-ID(TM). The solution is activated using just your mouse, stylus or keypad, requires no additional hardware, is low cost and an instantly scalable solution. Only after your identity has been authenticated does the door open to give you access for both the PC and for Online transactions.

BioSig-ID is at the core of BSI’s two products, BioSig-ID Online(TM) and BioSig-ID WinLogon(TM). These products provide a two factor authentication solution to reduce unauthorized access, common with PINS, passwords, tokens and other methods because with BioSig-ID only registered users who are authenticated gain access.

BSI’s novel technology called Point and Click Image (“P&C”) reduces costly help desk calls by providing a self service closed loop to reset the signatures automatically. BioSig-ID offers the most practical identity authentication in the market.

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