ARLINGTON, Mass. — Seeds of Light Publishing announces the release of a new book – Astrology Illumined (ISBN: 978-0-978-3320-0-6) – that seeks to reveal the astrology of the soul. Astrology Illumined fills a niche in the market and makes the complex subject of astrology easy-to-read and to learn. It bridges traditional astrology and brings the reader into the expanded world of esoteric astrology – the astrology of the soul.

Designed for readers who are new to this ancient art, Astrology Illumined is written with multiple learning styles in mind, using graphics, tabulations, and expressive prose. It also addresses astrologers wishing to expand their knowledge of traditional astrology into the fullness of esoteric astrology.

Esoteric students and those in tune with self awareness will also benefit. The book compliments the studies of Kabbalah, Tarot, Theosophy, and the western mystery teachings.

“Astrology views life in terms of evolutionary potential,” Donna Mitchell-Moniak, co-author, explains, “and the potential for every human being is greater conscious awareness.”

Astrology Illumined explores this awareness and attributes its achievement to the cyclic impacts of the energies of the planets and signs.

The book teaches that each pair of signs operates like two sides of a coin; one needs the other and, together, heavenly perfection can be achieved.

“I think what you’ve captured is the heart of astrology and have managed to put it down in a concise, logical order. It’s a must read for all astrologers; the most striking thing about it is that it’s complete,” one reader explained.

Donna, along with Sara Traub, co-author, have teamed up to write a book that is well thought out and researched. Donna is the founder and spiritual director of Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center (; this is her second book. She has taught on the ways consciousness for over 20 years.

Sara is the founder and president of the Centre for Esoteric Studies ( She is a teacher and counselor and has written on the subject of spiritual living since 1991.

Astrology Illumined will be distributed through Book Clearing House, affiliated with Ingram Book Group; New Leaf Distributors; Publishers Marketing Association; and Seeds of Light Publications.

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