SACRAMENTO, Calif. /California Newswire/ — The steering committee for the Arts in the California Governor’s Race is proud to announce that the campaign has gotten off to a powerful start. The establishment of five satellite committees around the state that are developing a local voice for the arts in this gubernatorial race and beyond is unprecedented. This movement is connecting the arts with politics, a relationship that will prove mutually beneficial and will improve communities around the state.

“The arts are vitally important to California, but are sometimes overlooked in political campaigns. The arts generate over $5.1 billion in state and local tax revenues and employs employing more than 438,912 Californians. We need to protect these jobs and expand the arts in California through education and innovative partnerships,” said Danielle Brazell, executive director of Arts for LA.

The committee members represent different constituencies of the arts community and all are bringing their expertise and excitement to the campaign. Many are also members of the Americans for the Arts Emerging Leaders Network which works to cultivate the next generation of arts leaders in the United States. The committee chairs are: Claire Rice (San Francisco), Lauri Sturdivant (Northern California), Amy Himes (San Jose), Tara Scroggins (Los Angeles), and Larry Baza (San Diego).

These committees are contacting local media, galleries, and other arts supporters to spread the word about this campaign. They are holding meetings, attending events, utilizing social media, and engaging a younger generation of arts advocates to get more involved. These are exciting times for the arts community in California.

In addition to these satellite committees, supporters of the Arts in the California Governor’s Race campaign have sent out over 700 emails to the gubernatorial candidates encouraging them to recognize the value of the arts and arts education within their campaigns as well as during their tenure as governor.

“There is a groundswell of support for this campaign and everyone is acting swiftly to ensure that the arts has a voice in this gubernatorial election. Looking toward the future, I am confident that this campaign will lead to a positive working relationship between the arts and politics throughout California,” said Jackie Koppell, field activist for the Arts in the California Governor’s Race campaign.