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NEW YORK, N.Y., May. 29, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Capt. Dan Berg, a waterfront homeowner for close to 30 years, announced today the launch of his new book, the first of its kind, regarding home safety, the protection from natural disasters and mitigation to prevent future damage. “How To Make Your Home Flood Safe” (ISBN: 978-1494923754) is the complete homeowners guide to protecting, rebuilding, or lifting your home to prevent future flood damage.

In recent years it has become apparent that natural disasters, including hurricanes and resulting floods, have become an increasingly common issue for homeowners. Repairing the destruction caused by these natural events has either put many in debt, or cost them their life savings. Now, with this informative new book, property owners can learn how to prepare in advance and protect their most valuable assets.

“Flood Safe” is a 6×9 inch, full color, soft cover text which provides information designed to help property owners, prepare for, clean up after and prevent future flood damage. Readers will learn how to prevent floodwaters from entering their homes, avert mold growth as well as proper utilization of water-resistant construction materials. The book contains a wealth of the author’s real-life solutions, learned from over 30 years of his own flood-related experiences. During the process of dealing with FEMA, public adjusters, surveyors, architects, building departments, house-lifting companies and contractors, the author learned – often the hard way – how the mitigation process works.

This book passes that information along and provides homeowners with a simple-to-follow guide allowing them to not only prevent water from entering their homes and to make the right decisions regarding rebuilding or mitigation, but to successfully navigate the seemingly endless government paperwork that many homeowners must deal with following any natural disaster.

“Flood Safe” is set up in chronological order, starting with storm preparation and preventing flood damage, moving on to post-flood cleanup and mold prevention. Following sections detail repairs with water-resistant materials as well as extensive information on home elevation.

House lifting is perhaps the ultimate means of flood mitigation, or preventing future flood damage. If you are considering lifting your home, this book details not only the types of lifting techniques for different home designs, but what homeowners can expect during the process. Readers will also learn how to make the finished lifted home have spectacular curb appeal.

This text is packed with hundreds of full-color photographs and illustrations. Included is a complete pictorial record showing the author’s home-elevation project.

The author’s goal is to provide a resource that prevents homeowners from wasting valuable time and effort. He gives the information needed prior to, during and after a flood.

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