SACRAMENTO, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced today that he has signed the following bills: AB 55 by Assemblymember Mike Gatto (D-Burbank) – Unemployment compensation: employer: motion picture industry. AB 123 by Assemblymember Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia) – School safety: disruption threatening pupil’s immediate physical safety.

• AB 619 by Assemblymember Linda Halderman (R-Clovis) – Massage therapy.
• AB 670 by Assemblymember Marty Block (D-San Diego) – California State University: admissions.
• AB 677 by Assemblymember Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) – Education finance: Oakland Unified School District: sale of surplus property.
• AB 690 by Assemblymember Jose Solorio (D-Santa Ana) – Portable electronics insurance.
• AB 956 by Assemblymember Roger Hernandez (D-Baldwin Park) – Marriage and family therapy: interns and trainees: advertisements.
• AB 1013 by Committee on Higher Education – Private postsecondary education.
• AB 1091 by Assemblymember Mike Morrell (R-Redlands) – Contractors.
• AB 1267 by Assemblymember Linda Halderman (R-Clovis) – Physicians and surgeons: certificate.

For full text of the bills, visit: .

Valerie Gotten
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