LOS ANGELES, Calif. — YoungYou Corporation, an international weight-loss and anti-aging research and development company, today affirmed its commitment to enabling its customers to live a healthy lifestyle with the opening of a new headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. The new location will also soon welcome YoungYou’s new Rejuvenation Center. “YoungYou is pleased to expand its operations into a larger headquarters in Los Angeles and to continue to expand and enhance our products through increased research and development efforts,” said Victoria Fleishman, president of YoungYou Corporation.

“We also are very excited about the personalized services we will soon offer in our brand new Rejuvenation Center. The team at YoungYou is truly dedicated to helping people live a healthy life with our herbal weight-loss and anti-aging products and we are excited to open our doors to our customers.”

YoungYou CorporationThe new Los Angeles headquarters opened its doors on May 1, 2008. The knowledgeable staff will be on hand to provide personalized services at the Rejuvenation Center, where visitors can restore their youthful appearance and natural beauty with the help of modern technology. The center will welcome walk-ins during regular business hours.

YoungYou is dedicated to developing and offering products that change people’s lives. The Company offers natural appetite suppressants and a unique line of ESC placenta products, including moisturizing creams and facial masks. Its line of Slimbionic(TM) and SlimDemand capsules and effective, natural weight-loss pills have been helping people manage their weight with healthy, organic products. YoungYou also offers teas, sprays and capsules for a boost of energy, the right way.

YoungYou Corporation is an FDA Registered food and health enhancement supplier.

Adds Fleishman, “We search for and sample ingredients from all over world in order to provide our customers the best weight-loss, skin-care, and anti-aging products. Our goal is to help people improve and maintain their health, vitality, beauty and well-being – to look and feel young. Each product we offer is unique and has been proven to be effective and to give great results.”

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