SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — XP Vehicles, Inc.(TM) has assembled a team of over 100 companies across the country with the vision to do for electric vehicles what NASA did to put Apollo 11 on the moon. The team, which is called: “The Giant Leap Mission Team,” after Neil Armstrong’s iconic words; includes National Laboratories, State Business Offices, and leading edge automotive suppliers across a variety of industries. The program is designed to inspire public and industry participation and create a “fast-track” to alternative energy vehicles.

The goal is for energy independence, a cleaner environment and a safer world, while creating American jobs simply by building an innovative vehicle in an extraordinary manner.

The project is located in San Francisco, Detroit and is currently negotiating with a variety of state offices to task underutilized factories in key regions across the U.S.

The XP Vehicles Team is in Washington, DC this week meeting with senior officials of various programs and committees to develop the opportunity. Senior staff at the U.S. Department of Defense have commented that the XP Vehicles patented technology can provide a novel homeland security and tactical edge that no other standard or electric vehicle has offered.

XP Vehicles, Inc. ( is an electric powered automotive manufacturer with disruptive, proprietary technologies enabling safe, durable and energy efficient vehicles that markedly exceed the performance of existing commercial vehicles.

Team XP consists of veterans from both Silicon Valley and the car industry, including pioneers of the American classics as the Ford Mustang and Chevy Corvette and the EV1 electric car.

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