Report reveals strong similarities to Virginia Tech mass murder suspect

TEMECULA, Calif. — Southern California based company, Written Inc., says it used handwriting analysis to prevent a similar situation to the Virginia Tech massacre from occurring 7 years ago at a major university in Europe. In the summer of 2000, a former student of the university was hired by the financial aide department soon after graduation. It wasn’t long after he began, that the staff realized something was very wrong with this individual.

Several times he flew into violent rages for no apparent reason. Because he was a martial arts black belt, everyone in the office was extremely frightened of him. When the university finally fired him, he threatened to “cut the eyes out” of his direct supervisor.

Written Inc. was asked by the university to analyze his handwriting to assess if his threats should be taken seriously. “We advised the faculty immediately that our analysis of his handwriting revealed he was likely to act on his violent thoughts and that he should definitely be taken seriously,” said Ryan Vener, vice president of Written Inc.

Based on his Candidate Insight Report, the university posted a guard in the lobby and banned him from entering university grounds. Three weeks after being fired, he came back on campus with a knife. University police were prepared and apprehended him before he could hurt anyone. He was taken into custody.

Last week, Written Inc. obtained a sample of the suspected Virginia Tech Mass Murderer’s handwriting. The alleged killer, Seung-Hui Cho, handwrote the Express Mail package he sent to NBC News. Written Inc. was able to analyze the Seung-Hui Cho’s handwriting from the writing on the package.

“The Candidate Insight Reports for the European university student and Seung-Hui Cho turned out to be very similar,” said Mr. Vener. “They both share 6 negative personality traits, include the exact same emotional perspective! We’ve never seen two individuals match so closely.”

The personality statements below were the same in both men’s Candidate Insight Reports:

Emotional Perspective: Emotionally erratic; you never know what to expect.

* Physically aggressive, confrontational.

* May be brutal and sadistic.

* Angry, defensive, blames others and rarely thinks it’s their fault.

* Sarcastic and temperamental.

* Intense angry feelings, unlikely to take responsibility for the hostility they feel.

“After seeing the similarities between these two men, I’m confident that Candidate Insight helped to avoid a very bad situation,” Vener added.

Companies and universities in Europe have been using handwriting analysis routinely for many years including those located in France, England and Spain. In the last 5 years, the number of US companies using handwriting analysis for hiring has increased dramatically.

Founded in 1998, Written Inc. provides corporate clients with pre-employment personality testing and reporting. Its biometric advances within the field of handwriting analysis have led to the development of the Candidate Insight Report. Written Inc.’s handwriting experts analyze handwriting samples using a sophisticated software program the company developed.

“The accuracy of our reports is what sets us apart from all other personality tests,” said Mr. Vener. “Our clients have come to rely on us to reveal the personality traits that people try to conceal. We help them keep the bad apples out of their organizations.”

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