MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Is your search engine boring? Try Winzy ( for great search results and a fun way to win free prizes with friends. “Our users love searching the Web and winning free prizes,” Brian Park, Winzy founder and president, said. “Our growth has come almost entirely from Winzy members who invite their friends to join.”

Winzy.comHow Winzy Works:
* Go to
* Search for a chance to win prizes instantly.
* Earn points with each search towards Winzy’s month-end sweepstakes.
* Invite friends and win even more. If a friend searches and wins, the person who referred them will win the same prize.

Since Winzy’s launch in April 2006, Winzy has given away almost 200 iPods, 2,000 and iTunes gift certificates, and monthly grand prizes including Xboxes and $500 in cash. In addition to searching, winners on Winzy are able to play games for even more chances to win fun prizes.

Winzy currently offers three games:

    * Winzy Prize Wheel. Just spin the wheel to win Winzy Points, Amazon Gift Certificates, and iPods.

    * Winzy Lucky Sevens. A slot machine that is free! Pull the lever, land on 777 and win an iPod Nano.

    * Winzy Secret Suitcase. There are eight suitcases, each containing a prize. Open one suitcase at a time until there is only one left. The player wins the remaining prize.

Many Winzy members are amazed that they have won prizes just for searching the Web.

“I have won several prizes, one of them an IPOD,” one Canyon County, Calif. user said. “I just received it today and wanted to say ‘thank you Winzy.’ ”

Darlene from Allen Park, Mich., said, “I was so surprised when I received an e-mail informing me that I was Winzy’s first $500 monthly winner. And, within days, I had the check – it was so fast!”

About Winzy
Winzy, LLC ( is one of the fastest-growing search engines to offer rewards for simply searching the Web. Winzy was founded by successful entrepreneurs and includes early employees from Yahoo Inc., Adobe Systems Inc., and the designer of the Google logo. Winzy is a private company based in Mountain View, Calif.

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