Colorful children’s book series teaches kids how to keep the environment clean.

GREENWICH, Conn. — Written by author James Martin II, “William is Going Green” (ISBN 978-0-9799465-1-6) is an 860 word children’s book introducing William the Garbage Truck, a kelly green eco-friendly cartoon character determined to make the planet a safer and cleaner place to live. William often rhymes when he speaks. “William is Going Green” is the first in a series of books that follow the adventures of William and his friends, all of whom are hybrid garbage trucks painted with colors corresponding to their individual recycling duty. Each book in this series is printed with eco-friendly materials.

Geared for children between the ages of three and eight, the “William the Garbage Truck and Crew” book series takes place in the fictional town of Jamestown as the trucks serve their route between the city’s dump and the recycling plant. The book series will teach kids how to recycle numerous types of materials including, bottles, cans, paper, plastic and toxins. An important life lesson is explored in each book as parents and children learn new ways to go green.

“As a husband, father and businessman, it’s become increasingly important to me that I do what I can to contribute to saving the planet from global warming,” says Mr. Martin II. “I care deeply about the earth that our children will inherit. My goal is to teach children about recycling and conservation at an early age and how it affects our collective future so we can create a safer and cleaner planet for years to come. I hope that William the Garbage Truck and Crew books will make learning about going green fun for children and their parents.”

“William is Going Green” (ISBN-13: 978-0-9799465-1-6) will be available to purchase on April 22, 2008 at,, and in selected bookstores. To reach a wider audience, plans are in the works for an animated series due in the fall of 2008, as well as the creation of eco-friendly William the Garbage Truck and Crew toys.

Valerie G, editor at CANW
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