Tamir Qadree will be appearing on The Ronnie Duncan Morning Show on May 31

OAKLAND, Calif. — Esteem Now Inc ( is announcing that Tamir Qadree will be appearing on The Ronnie Duncan Morning Show, News Talk 1300 WERE AM. According to Qadree, a best selling author, speaker and Life Coach, “You can tell a lot about a person by the little things they do,” and he says he will break it all down in his own “charismatic and inimitable style.”

Tamir Qadree will make his appearance on May 31st at 7:00 a.m. EDT. Qadree says, “Listeners will get a reality check and a healthy dose of fun when he offers up eye opening questions that will reveal the connection between our actions and how we feel about ourselves.” Qadree further went on to say that he “will also share with the listeners how to increase their enthusiasm and zest for life, and how to utilize the powerful Laws of Attraction to succeed in anything.”

Qadree will be addressing the following:

    * What you’re saying when you procrastinate.

    * What it really means when you idolize celebrities.

    * What’s the big deal about The famed “SECRET” movie and The Law of Attraction?

    * Why you should never tell a kid he’ll grow up to be a “somebody.”

    * What it means if you think Oprah and Bill Gates have too much money.

These issues among others are what Tamir Qadree will be discussing.

Tamir Qadree Qadree is the author of two books, “The Reclining Master Awaken, One Minute to Healthy Esteem” (ISBN: 0965822826) and “Clear Vision Your Road To Riches” (ISBN: 096582280X), as well as a co-author of the best selling book “Wake-Up and Live The Life You Love” (ISBN: 0964470624) along with Steven E, Robert Allen and others. Qadree has written numerous articles, coaches various entrepreneurs and professionals, and has been an advent student of Religious Philosophies for over twenty years.

For more information contact: Nnika Hanserd at (510) 305-7756. You may also listen to Qadree’s past podcasts at

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