EVERETT, Wash. — Sic*Skinz Custom Drum Wraps ( has announced availability of their innovative and easy to install Custom Drum Wraps. These drum wraps allow anyone to effectively re-finish their drum set in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost of conventional drum coverings. With Sic*Skinz Custom Drum Wraps, drummers can express themselves not only musically, but graphically as well, by changing the appearance of the drums in virtually no time at all.

Sic*Skinz Drum Wraps are available in over two-hundred current designs as well as one-off totally custom designs submitted by the artist.

Custom Wraps for other instruments and accessories will be available soon. Prices for the drum wraps are conditional based on size of drum to be covered but average between $45.99 and $119.99 each. Manufacturer Discounts are available to Drum Builders who wish to feature Sic*Skinz on their drums.

Company CEO Brian Tomassetti says, “The added advantage of our product is that it can also be used as a protective covering over the drum’s original finish, which so many of our customers tell us they are now doing. All of our customers have expressed a great interest in what we are doing, and feel safe installing our wraps on their drums, we have yet to receive a complaint.”

Beyond protecting the original finish of drums, Sic*Skinz Custom Drum Wraps may also be used to finish a raw shell as the original finish, cutting production costs for drum builders dramatically.

Sic*Skinz Custom Drum Wraps do not discernibly alter the sound of the drum when applied and are resilient enough to last the user years. The wraps are easy to install and easy to change when the user wants to “change their look.”

About Sic Skinz Custom Drum Wraps

The company was pioneered by Brian J Tomassetti who has tested and successfully implemented his wraps on numerous drum sets throughout the U.S. over the past two years.

For more information on the product, or to order online, visit or call 800-768-4518.