WASHINGTON, D.C. — Hearing Center USA (HCUSA) is revolutionizing hearing aid sales with the introduction of their new online store, Hearing loss affects more than 30 million people across the nation. However, all too often, the cost of hearing aids hinders peoples’ ability to enjoy an active lifestyle with clear hearing.

Now, with more and more people using the Internet to make their purchases, HCUSA has made it possible for people to purchase high-end hearing aids at affordable prices. Cutting out the middle man and selling directly over the Web allows them to keep prices low and standards high.

HCUSA’s slogan is: “We fit your lifestyle for less.”

“During these difficult times I’m very excited to make these high-tech hearing aids affordable to the millions of people who need them,” Mark Gustina, owner of Hearing Center USA, says. “On average, we can beat retail pricing by sixty percent.”

So, how can HCUSA offer such low prices? HCUSA attributes their low prices to their interactive feature — the Hearing Aid Assistant. This user-friendly widget assists consumers in finding the perfect hearing aid while eliminating the need for an office visit and assessment.

Hearing aids have evolved into a necessity for the baby-boomer generation, a group of active and tech-savvy people who don’t want to be slowed down by hearing loss; HCUSA is the perfect option.

“We can bring this group of people all the high-quality features and multiple functions of a top-of-the-line hearing aid with online convenience and affordable pricing,” Gustina adds. “They will love the sound of satisfaction.”

And, unlike their competitors, HCUSA provides a physical office for follow-up services. Their main office is located in Washington, DC, and satellite offices are located in California, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

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