MOUNTAIN LAKES, N.J. — Soaring gas prices, a looming recession, and higher energy bills all add more pressure to businesses to effectively make money. However, Visionsoft is doing their part to help these businesses to save energy while positively affecting their bottom line.

Many companies have good intentions when it comes to energy saving and reducing their carbon footprint, but often there’s a reluctance to invest in technology that is simply for green purposes. That’s why Visionsoft have slashed their Site License price from $1,000 to $199 for their PowerOut software.

PowerOut SoftwarePowerOut puts the control into the hand of the business owner, not the electric company. It allows businesses to set a time of day that they want all their unused PCs to safely and automatically shut down. Without such a service, energy is needlessly being wasted and does not make sense from an environmental or fiscal perceptive.

Why waste energy and money on powering unused PCs throughout the night and weekends?

Managing Director and CEO for Visionsoft, Richard Ward, explains that, “The good news is that companies deploying PowerOut not only save up to $150 for every PC that regularly gets left on, but they also inherit all their green credentials at the same time.”

60 percent of users never switch off their PCs. So, apart from a massive reduction in carbon, PowerOut also saves companies a fortune. On average, the savings can represent a large part of a firm’s overall energy bill.

“In fact,” Ward says, “the only way a company won’t save money is if their PCs don’t run on electricity.”

PowerOut has a host of energy-saving features built in and essential PCs like servers can easily be excluded from the energy-saving deployment. Normally, an efficient energy policy is in place within just minutes.

Established in 1989, Visionsoft is a privately-owned company with a wealth of experience in providing essential audit and PC management software.

To learn more about PowerOut and how it can save businesses money while improving their carbon footprint, visit:

Valerie G, editor at CANW
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