ORANGE, Calif. — “Our new perfume is the perfect fashion accessory for a woman of virtue,” said Rick Larimore, CEO, of IBI, a niche fragrance company based in Orange, CA. “Our perfume’s presence in the market helps bring into focus the real essence of what ‘virtue’ is really about.” Typically, actions of virtuous women are thought of as being good or moral behavior.

Mr. Larimore asserts that, “Virtue is really your relationship with God, Christ or Spiritual Self. The depth of that relationship is revealed in your behavior. Anything that enhances that relationship enhances your virtue. Virtue(R) perfume does that, by reminding you, through scent, to think of God and practice His presence.”

“When a woman cares for her family and friends with her incredible strength of purpose, selflessness, and loving care for the wellbeing of each, she does it from this inner connectedness. It’s to honor these demands a woman faces, that Virtue(R) was created.”

“When women are so busy, they can lose their center and feel overwhelmed. Taking time for their inner-Self and God… they can tap this ‘wellspring’ and renew their strength, personal power, intuitiveness, ability to love, and creativity in handling their daily demands. Virtue(R) can help remind them to inwardly connect,” urges IBI’s CEO.

virtue perfume for virtuous women“A woman can be working the ‘To Do’ list in her head, feeling overwhelmed. She notices the smell coming from her wrist. It gently reminded her it was there, and in the reminder, she remembered why she’s wearing Virtue(R). Taking a moment, she thinks of God and lets His peace embrace her, giving a moment’s rest and renewed strength. Help, through the gentle reminder of a very inspired fragrance.”

Vicki Pratt, President of IBI, whose inspiration led to Virtue’s creation, offers, “Created entirely from Biblical text, it had to be authentic, but contemporary, yet, truly unique. Unique enough to be a reminder of God.”

“Some women will say I prefer this or I prefer that, but this is not about preferences. It’s about being reminded to renew your-Self at God’s internal well. A fragrance, that is to remind you of God, can’t smell like a mass-market perfume. Use it with reverence for ‘that’ part of you enhances Virtue’s ability to help you connect,” she promises.

It can, not only, help you connect with God, but with others who smell your beautiful fragrance. Opportunity to share spiritually becomes an option, for those so inclined.

Its ingredients and high-end packaging puts Virtue’s normal perfume retail in the $110-120/bottle range. Redemption of IBI’s Premiere certificate places its retail at nearly half that.

IBI offers to share its lowered mark for fundraising with non-profits and religious groups seeking to spread the scriptural message of God’s love and His presence, and raise funds for their good works. Interested organizations can apply at

In honor of Mother’s Day, the website offers free shipping and introductory $15 certificates for immediate redemption. Any virtuous woman, be they a bride, wife, daughter, graduate or someone special, are all honored with this discount through May.

IBI, formed in 2005 as a niche fragrance company based in Orange County, CA. Virtue(R) perfume introduced at the Miss Anaheim pageant, March 11th, and was officially premiered on Virtue’s website April 3rd. Four other products are currently in development.

For more information, please call 714-974-8333 or visit

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