ORANGE, Calif. — “Be Still and know that I am God,” said IBI CEO Rick Larimore, “is the passage that Eckhart Tolle referenced from the Bible’s Psalm 46:10 in the first interview of Oprah’s on-line presentation of Tolle’s recent book ‘The New Earth,’ presented at This is the Biblical passage we have referenced the last 2 1/2 years on and our pamphlet, for the same reason. God resides in the still, silent center that is us.”

“There is a challenge that many Christians face in relating to God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ. Their inclination is to relate to the personage of Jesus, but, in fact, His admonition to His followers was to relate to the Holy Spirit in His absence. Why? We know that God is formless and are admonished in the Bible to never have any engraved images of Him to worship.”

IBI Virtue perfume “We also know that God, the Holy Spirit, and Christ are considered three aspects of the Holy Trinity, the 3 in 1. I would think that rather than just ‘believe’ this, a Christian would ask themselves, ‘What connects the 3? What do they all have in common?’,” proposed Mr. Larimore.

“Another Biblical tenet is that we, humans, are made in God’s image. We know that God is formless, so how are we made in His image? It can’t be our physical body’s that are representing God’s image. It must be some part of ourselves that is formless. Then how do we become formless or relate to formlessness? I would think we have to ‘BE’ formless. The only way we can make ourselves formless is to be perfectly still. Still in heart and mind. No thoughts, no emotions. To focus on the stillness and ‘BEING’ the stillness.”

Christ said, “I and the Father are one. If the Father is formless, how is Jesus formless and how is He – One with the Father?”

“If what I offer is true. That BEing still; stilling yourself and identifying with the stillness connects you with God’s formlessness, then another passage by Jesus takes on a whole new aspect.”

Christ also said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you know me, you know my Father also.”

“Consider that Jesus was identified with His formless, still, silent self and had made, as Eckhart Tolle calls it, the Awakened shift into identification with the still formlessness that is God. Jesus would be the ‘stillness’ and no one would come to the Father’s ‘stillness’, except by Him, because there is no difference in the ‘stillness’ that is the Father or the Christ or the ‘stillness’ in you (Christ in you).”

“Faith is an important aspect of this; assisting us in dealing with something that is not physically identifiable. By affirming and acting on the understanding that God’s formless love, power and presence is with us always, by Faith, we open a door to accepting this formlessness into our lives as a reality. For the person that has not Awakened to the Still identification, Faith is indispensable in living a spiritual, Christ centered life. Faith mimics the reality of the Awakening, by allowing us to function as though we were awakened,” counseled Mr. Larimore.

“We created Virtue perfume as a tool to assist people to accelerate their identification with the still, silent part of ourselves, and to assist those who have trouble holding in their awareness, this conscious connection to the formlessness of BEing Still. When we say it’s to remind you of God, we mean it helps a person refer their attention in any given moment, to the ‘Stillness and Presence’ of what we call God,” added Vicki Pratt, President of IBI, whose inspiration underscored the development of Virtue(R).

“As an assist to connecting to the stillness, suggests in the section on Spiritual Exercises, ‘Some people appreciate tools and practices to help them develop still and alert attention,'” added Ms. Pratt.

“Virtue perfume reminds someone to make this connection in a very powerful way. Wear it while doing your spiritual practices and identify the fragrance with your experience. Later, you smell Virtue(R), you remember why you’re wearing it and take a moment to deepen your relationship with the stillness. It reinforces by repetition and conditioned memory. Virtue’s fragrance is unique and its uniqueness is perfect for the identification with something spiritually formless and typically unfamiliar to common thinking and feeling,” assured Mr. Larimore.

“It helps bring to awareness your spiritual unity with God,” added Ms. Pratt.

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IBI, formed in 2005 as a niche fragrance company based in Orange County, CA, officially launched Virtue(R) on its website April 3, 2007. Mr. Larimore’s book on virtue will release later this year. Enquiries: 1-714-974-8333.

No celebrity endorsement claimed or implied.

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