SAN FRANCISCO — Museum of Robots in Second Life debuts its line of real world housewares at the New York International Gift Fair. The line features plates and tableware with a robot motif and will be available for wholesale purchase. Virtual versions of the product will be available at the Museum’s gift store in Second Life. Museum of Robots offers visitors an immersive experience with art, exhibits and robot-related events. With its new product line, the Museum crosses over from virtual to real with products that are designed to capture the unique blend of future and nostalgia that robots represent.

Says Museum of Robots co-founder Vicki Kung (Bibi Bayliss in Second Life), “The Museum is located in a virtual world, but the exhibits and art are very real, and behind each of our visitors’ avatars are real people from around the world. Our goal is to extend the Museum’s robot-themed environment of fun and discovery with a real product line that is both engaging and functional.”

Museum of RobotsMuseum of Robots will be exhibiting at the New York International Gift Fair in booth 8562 (“Details,” Javits Center).

In Second Life, Museum of Robots is located at

An introduction to Museum of Robots is available on YouTube at

About Museum of Robots
Museum of Robots is dedicated to the appreciation of robots. Its mission is to promote understanding of the place of robots in popular culture, art, and science and features exhibits, art, and special events. Current exhibits include: “The Art of Eric Joyner” featuring selected works from his new book, “Robots and Donuts”; Celebrity Robots Hall of Fame, featuring famous robots of cinema and television; Toy Robots, featuring toy robots from a private collection, and Bot Shots, featuring robot photography. More information:

About Second Life
Second Life(R) is a 3-D virtual world created and inhabited by millions of Residents from around the globe. Second Life residents engage in as many activities as you find in the real world: shopping, going to clubs, attending live music and cultural events, lectures and education, recreation, visiting with friends. The limit is only defined by the imagination of the user.

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