VILLA PARK, Calif. /California Newswire/ — XG Communities LLC, a premier provider of wireless, asset marketing and engineering services for cities and municipalities across the United States, announces their agreement to market and manage wireless coverage solutions for the City of Villa Park, California.

City of Villa Park, California
Under the multi-year agreement, XG Communities will begin marketing the City’s street light poles and other assets for small cell colocation. This effort will enhance the ability for Villa Park to deploy wireless connectivity throughout the city.

As wireless carriers densify existing networks, it is estimated that the industry will deploy hundreds of thousands of small cells, making it increasingly difficult for cities to manage the application and deployment process. In collaboration with the carriers, XG Communities will streamline applications with a predictable process, while preserving community aesthetics and generate long-term revenue to the City.

The decision for the City of Villa Park to partner with XG Communities was based on maintaining control, preventing visual blight and increasing connectivity for businesses, residents and citizens. The solution will be the foundation to deploy Smart City infrastructure, enhance business investment, and improve public services.

“We are excited XG Communities was selected by Villa Park City Council to be their technology partner. We look forward to working with the beautiful City of Villa Park to enhance wireless connectivity, without compromising city aesthetics,” said Monnie McGaffigan, XG Communities President.

About City of VILLA PARK:

The City of Villa Park is in the center of Orange County. The City is 2.1 square miles in its entirety, with a population of approximately 5,948 and a median resident age of 51 years. The City contains approximately 2,024 residential homes with 95 percent home ownership. The median home value is $1,227,500. The City has only one commercial center, and otherwise is 99.9 percent built-out on lots that average approximately half an acre. The City is an oasis in the midst of urbanity, providing validity to their motto, “The Hidden Jewel.”

About XG Communities:

XG Communities, formerly 5 Bars Communities, is headquartered in Irvine, California. A premier provider of small cell wireless marketing plans, engineering services and comprehensive wireless strategies for cities and municipalities. For more information, please visit:

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