NEW YORK, N.Y. — Millions of Americans are already sleep deprived and stressed out. And, current economic woes are only contributing to escalated stress levels and sleep deprivation. That’s why Unisexy Fitness has released a new DVD that is primarily designed to be done before bed to ease muscle tension and clear tired minds. Exercise typically raises cortisol levels, so most people do not exercise before bed. However, this new workout is designed to be done before bed to completely drain built-up body stress; to relieve tight and tense muscles; to lower cortisol levels; and to allow people to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and awake more refreshed.

Unisexy Fitness DVDThis stress-relieving workout also helps people to lose belly fat; burn calories; reduce food cravings by controlling the body’s cortisol and gently increasing metabolism during sleep; and reduces the effects of aging caused by stress. It can also improve people’s sex lives – cortisol is a proven libido killer.

“Yoga has been around for 3,000 years,” Jason Kyte of Unisexy Fitness says. “We thought it was time to try something new. This new DVD is for men and women; it’s sexy, fun and it works.”

Kyte adds that while yoga is an effective way to relax, much concentration is needed.

“The poses in yoga can be complicated and many yoga DVDs require intense focus on what the instructor is saying,” Kyte explains. “In Unisexy Fitness, there is only music and image – no talking – so once people get a feel for the exercises and poses, they can even do them with their eyes closed by simply following the rhythms.”

The DVD is designed for all ages and fitness levels. There are no complicated positions to master, only simple and relaxing stretches accompanied by energizing movements.

Unisexy Fitness also offers different workout choices. There are three different teams to guide people during their sessions. Most sessions are 20-minutes; and there is also an eight-minute “quickie.” The total running time is 110 minutes.

Guided imagery and light therapy are also applied techniques to enhance and increase the effectiveness of stress relief.

“Unisexy Fitness makes the perfect gift for stressed out friends and family,” Kyte says.

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