MISSION VIEJO, Calif. — Children and adults all over the country are fighting over the right to purchase what otherwise would be called trash. While some might imagine a backyard brawl over yesterday’s meatloaf, the real attraction around all the fuss is for TrashE-Fashions one of a kind handbags. TrashE-Fashions is a new product line featured on

Created, designed, and hand assembled by a 13 year old girl, the TrashE-Fashion handbag is a one of a kind product that is not only fashionable, but good for the environment.

In a world that creates more waste today than ever before, the need for recycling education is dire. Those that are left with the biggest burden to recycle in the future are the children of today. It is thus fitting, that a handbag designed from old juice boxes by someone not yet old enough to drive a car, would be at the top of many children and parents must have lists.

TrashE-Fashions JuiceBag Handbag is created with over a dozen empty juice boxes, and hand assembled for an added touch of flare. Each bag is unique, and carries a wonderful message that recycling can be fun even for a 13 year old child.

TrashE-FashionsWhile many children are focusing more and more on things like video games, one child is busy starting a fashion movement.

The JuiceBag Handbag is available exclusively on, a website specializing in unique creative products and services. With an already demanding school schedule, the creator behind TrashE-Fashions seems to be enjoying her success by creating these one of a kind bags for her peers as time permits. This fact only helps to create a greater demand for these handmade bags.

At a price of just $30 the JuiceBag Handbag is more affordable than most popular handbags on the market. The value of the bag as a fashion statement is great, but the true educational value of supporting and encouraging the discussion on the importance of recycling is priceless.

It is advised that those interested in purchasing a TrashE-Fashions JuiceBag Handbag do so in the near future. With a growing demand for the one of a kind bag, it is no surprise that there will soon be a waiting list issued for those wanting an original JuiceBag Handbag.

For more information on the TrashE-Fashions(TM) handbag, and to purchase this JuiceBag Handbag please visit

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