SEATTLE, Wash. — Seattle-based Trans Marine Propulsion Systems, Inc. (TMPS) – known worldwide for their diesel service and engineering department – now adds a new service to their mix, engine performance analysis and installation of Lehmann & Michels, GmbH (Lemag) measuring instruments. Lemag has been in business since 1911 and is represented in North America by their agent Danica Diesel, TMPS has formed a strategic partnership with Danica Diesel to supply, install and monitor these devices for Danica’s customers.

Holger Jacobsen, the founder of Danica Diesel, states, “We are delighted to be aligned with Trans Marine Propulsions Systems because for almost a quarter of a century Herbert Roeser and his team have consistently proved informed insights to their customers to allow them to optimize diesel engine performance.” More information is available at the TMPS site,

“One of the keys to our 23 years of success has been the ability to provide our customers conclusive data as to why an engine or its components have failed or are not operating at 100% of their potential,” says Herbert Roeser, chairman/owner of TMPS. “This information is crucial to vessel owners and can save them millions in repairs, fuel and down time.”

Lemag’s PREMET XL product is a German-made, electronic hand-held instrument for recording and storing peak pressure from each cylinder of an engine. It is very easy to set up and the measurements can be taken even on short trips. The analysis will provide all the essential data about the engine including the mean indicated pressure, indicated power, firing pressure, and the correspondence between the crank angle and pressure. The instrument is highly accurate and even compensates for the temperature changes before every measurement. By doing an engine performance analysis before and after every major overhaul, ship owners and operators will gain critical information about the condition of the engine. “Before the overhaul, engine performance analysis will indicate which parts and components need reconditioning, and the extent to which the injection and valve timings need to be adjusted for optimum performance,” says Roeser. “After the overhaul, an engine performance analysis will confirm that the overhaul was done right.”

“Information provided by the PREMET XL prior to an overhaul, or after to verify the value of the service performance, is key for vessel owners/operators,” reiterates Shane Roeser, President of TMPS. “Our customers have found the service and equipment to be extremely helpful and cost-effective. Imagine to know conclusively, ahead of time, if the stated repairs by your chosen service facility are needed and then to be able to double check the service performed by analysis and not just a sea trial.”

One happy customer is Horizon Lines. “We saw an opportunity to outfit our new ships with this system from the ground up. With the Premet XL machines we have been able to effectively monitor our vessels’ engines and foresee any issues that may arise before they become emergencies,” reports Craig Johnson, Port Engineer of Horizon Lines.

To ease expenses and provide a quick response time for its East Coast customers, TMPS recently expanded by adding a subsidiary in Tampa, Florida, named Trans Marine Tampa. The new facility will provide installation of the Lemag product for East Coast customers. “We are very happy with our association with Danica both for the access it offers to quality products and condition monitoring expertise to optimize engine performance,” says Herbert Roeser. “With the experience of our service technicians and the quality of Danica’s product, we have a one-stop solution for engine monitoring for all vessel operators and owners worldwide.”

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