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ASHEVILLE, N.C., Jul 26, 2016 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — High performance organizations require leaders who understand the practices and thinking needed to succeed as change agents in their work and lives. Now, committed managers – from CEOs to mid-level aspirants to legacy leaders – can explore ways to successfully achieve intended outcomes at the second annual Thayer Institute Leadership Conference, Saturday, Aug. 27, and Sunday, August 28.

The premier training Institute of choice for serious leaders, the Thayer Institute cultivates sustainable performance virtuosity to benefit world class organizations. The Institute builds on the thought leadership of its president, Lee Thayer, Ph.D., whose impactful contributions to business, economics and organizational management span near five decades and are globally recognized by experts in the field.

“It isn’t the leader who makes the organization successful,” says Thayer, “but the organization that makes the leader successful.”

Thayer explains that today’s mainstream popular culture admires leaders via a dominant mythology he humorously calls “the old Lone Ranger syndrome.” That is, the leader is the person who saves us from ourselves. Popular culture gets it wrong, he notes.

“The hallmark of an organization which makes it possible for leaders to succeed is that every role in the organization is filled by a person who is fully competent to perform in that role,” he says.

However, this level of competence is not typical, he says.

“The leader is there to make it both possible and necessary for the people who work at her place to increase their competence daily, and perform their roles better than yesterday.”

This style of leadership carries with it a “moral obligation” to make all they can of the organization and the people within it.

“My view is that life itself is a performing art,” he says, referencing the oft-quoted William James truism that as one performs his life, so shall he be. “You have to create change by the way you perform your life.”

Three of Thayer’s books provide the framework for this year’s conference topics: “Leadership: Thinking, Being, Doing;” “The Competent Organization,” and “The Good Leader.” Each topic will be introduced by a plenary speaker, followed by audience breakout sessions with facilitators who offer proven track records of high quality success.

“Leadership is a practice that becomes part of who you are,” says Chris Comeaux, a nationally respected non-profit CEO, Hendersonville, and chief operating officer of the Institute. “As a practice-based leader, I know first-hand that it’s possible to change the course of real world events and circumstances, and build sustainable, top-tier organizations.”

Those, like Comeaux, who have been mentored by Thayer affirm that his mission centered work instills competence, responsibility, purpose and growth through learning. He equips leaders with the thinking, character, and tools required to fulfill their purpose or cause.

Attendees at the conference will gather the concepts and tools they need in a interactive setting with direct access to world-class mentors with proven experience and a willingness to answer tough questions.

The lessons learned may be implemented both in the work place and at home, says Comeaux.

“If you’re dissatisfied at work or home, and have dreamed of doing, being, or creating something better, this conference offers a one-of-a-kind experience,” he says.

Conference plenary speakers include:
* Thayer, the Institute’s co-founder, a former Harvard professor and mentor to top-tier CEOs for more than 45 years, remains committed to the leadership development required make high performance organizations.
* John McBeth applied Thayer’s concepts and tools successfully, first in two businesses of his own making, and as a top global business-to-business executive who continues to deepen his understandings.
* Carole A. Fisher, CEO of Nathan Adelson Hospice, Las Vegas, Nev., rose from the ranks to develop the large, successful agency. Fisher was one of the first to complete the Institute’s basic course. Today, she challenges herself by mentoring others as a learning leader.

Session mentors include:
* Chris Comeaux, chief operating officer, co-founder of the Thayer Institute, and CEO, Four Seasons Compassion for Life, Hendersonville. Comeaux commits to take the high art of making high-performance organizations to the world’s leaders.
* Kevin Pickhardt, CEO, Pharos International, a high-tech organization based in New York and New Zealand. Pickhardt actively transforms his organization for high-performance using Thayer’s powerful concepts.
* Larry Bull, former chief operating officer of Bergstrom, Inc., now heads multiple high performance manufacturing organizations with tools acquired from Thayer’s work and mentorship.
* Joelle Moles, vice president of operations and logistics for D’Artagnan, an upscale restaurant provisioning supplier, used her knowledge of Thayer’s methods to first create its Chicago division, and later transform the company.

About Lee Thayer:
An influential scholar and top-tier executive leadership coach, Lee Thayer, Ph.D., is a recognized pioneer, global influencer, and innovator in the design and development of high-performance organizations. As president of The Thayer Institute – – he keynotes the second annual Thayer Institute Leadership Conference, Asheville, Aug. 27-28, where leaders acquire the thinking tools needed to change their world for the better.

About the Conference:
The second annual Thayer Institute Leadership Conference, based on the teachings of Lee Thayer, Ph.D., will be Saturday, Aug. 27, and Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016 in Asheville, N.C. For applications and online registration information, visit

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