SEATTLE, Wash. — INTERACTIVE TICKETING by Electric Arrow announced today that 6 top U.S. haunted attractions have selected them as their exclusive provider for online ticketing. Industry leading haunted attractions include The Bates Motel (Glenn Mills, PA), Kersey Valley – Spookywoods (High Point, NC), Nightmare on the Bayou (Houston, TX), Nightmare on 13th (Salt Lake City, UT), The Haunted Hotel (San Diego, CA) and NetherWorld Haunted Attractions (Norcross, GA). INTERACTIVE TICKETING will also be supporting over 15 additional haunts this year and are projected to double that number by 2009.

Haunted Attractions continue to gain a tremendous amount of popularity throughout the United States providing top notch Halloween Entertainment during the months of September and October. Many of these attractions resemble the sets of Hollywood, blockbuster horror films, with expert craftsmanship, highly trained actors and carefully scripted events taking place to thrill all who enter.

Popular haunts can attract over 40,000 to 60,000 during the months of October and September. In the height of the season, admission numbers can reach over 4,000 guests in one night and with record breaking attendance expected this year, selecting the best possible online ticketing provider is a top priority for haunt producers.

“Interactive Ticketing’s innovative technologies, wireless PDA scanning, marketing features and understanding of our industry’s specific ticketing needs are reasons why we selected them as our provider. We’re eager to move forward and confident they will handle our ticketing with efficiency and expertise,” said Tony Wulhgumeth, owner of Kersey Valley – Spookywoods.

Information and tickets can be found on each attraction’s respective website. Customers who buy online will be able to enjoy the convenience of getting their tickets early and saving time at the box office and in some cases, take advantage of special web promotions and discounts.


INTERACTIVE TICKETING is an industry leader in online ticketing across the country, supporting events of all types including: amusement parks, zoos, fairs, expos, concerts, ski areas, consumer shows, museums and more.

Tickets are purchased online and printed from the patron’s home or office; tickets are then validated at the event site using a barcode scanner. INTERACTIVE TICKETING separates themselves from the competition by providing state-of-the-art marketing tools, reporting features, and wireless scanning capabilities which allow their clients meet and exceed their ticket sales expectations each and every year.

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