PARRAS, COAHUILA, Mexico — TJ’s Custom Jeans (Tailormade Jeanswear Ltd.), the global leader in made-to-measure jeans and chinos, has relocated their facilities to Parras, Mexico. The choice of move to Parras de la Fuenta (Parras of the fountain) is significant in that the town which is considered an oasis in the desert has 2 premium quality denim mills and boasts a 100 year old history of weaving denim fabric and sewing jeans. The move to Mexico will also position Tailormade Jeanswear closer to the majority of clients and enable a vast improvement in customer service and expansion of quality products offered.

Tailormade Jeanswear Ltd’s Managing Director Sam Meeks explains, “The TJ’s brand of denim jeans fills a void in everyday retail apparel offerings of jeans. Instead of being mass produced, the big difference is TJ’s are specifically made to the unique requirements of their hard to fit and special needs clients through mass customization technology.”

Tailormade Jeanswear “Many of TJ’s Custom fit jeans are produced for men and women 6′ to 7′ tall with leg lengths movie stars would envy. Plus size waists and hips 50-inch to 80-inch, 42-inch inseams, and other special requests are very common. Conversely very small individuals with inseams as short as 22″ or waists as small as 23-inch can fulfill their needs with TJ’s just as easily as their larger counterparts.”

“The majority of TJ’s female clients have a very common complaint in their jeans don’t fit properly because they have pear shaped figures. Having very small waists and larger hips often cause their store bought jeans to stick out in the back and fit poorly. This is one of the many requests TJ’s receives for a solution.”

“Special requirements from other clients are for a pair of custom jeans due to medical or physical problems because they simply cannot find jeans that suit their needs in retail shops. Sitting jeans for clients in wheelchairs include requests for no back pockets or yokes to relieve pressure points, reinforced belt loops, elasticated waists or extra long leg lengths. All of these requests are no problem since TJ’s can do whatever the client needs to improve comfort and usability.”

Another example of customer fulfillment is TJ’s Clone a Jean service where the client’s favorite pair of jeans can be replicated into a new pair. Clients send Tailormade-Jeanswear their old and worn “favorite pair” of jeans to be copied because they cannot find another pair that fits like them. TJ’s specialist pattern team measure these well loved jeans carefully before starting on a unique pattern for the client. New “favorites” are then easy to produce and in 2 to 3 weeks clients are wearing a pair of replicated custom jeans they are confident will fit them the way they want.

Other clients send Tailormade Jeanswear their own unique measurements by measuring over their favorite fitting pair of jeans themselves. The new TJ’s Custom Jeans solve one or more of their denim jeans problems such as having to try on 20 pair to find one that “nearly” fits and wasting their valuable time looking for jeans that actually do fit them well.

Most of Tailormade Jeanswear’s clients mention the jeans they find in retail stores don’t satisfy their needs and don’t give them the comfort and fit they would like. These problems are permanently solved with TJ’s custom made to measure denim jeans because the patterns for every order are kept on file and easily adjusted when needed. The TJ’s team delights in the positive mails received in providing solutions for all their satisfied clients.

The majority of TJ’s clients have a hard time finding jeans that are short or long enough in the legs or small or large enough in the waist or hips in the styling and fabrics they like. Their retail bought jeans simply don’t flatter their body because they don’t fit properly. TJ’s aim is to help clients look good, feel good and naturally feel more confident by giving them the fit and comfort they want in great fitting premium quality custom made jeans and chinos. Because these individuals have such a problem with their denim jeans other fabric choices are offered such as corduroy and chino twills in addition to the already wide variety of denim offerings. This fills another void in both the clients fit and choice problems.

Personalization is offered giving the client the option of having their name or nickname embroidered inside the garment. Once the order is taken each pair is handcrafted through as many as 80 different customer service, smart programming, value added manufacturing, and wet processing operations to control the idiosyncrasies of producing a great fitting pair of TJ’s Custom Jeans. TJ’s premium quality custom fitting jeans are sold at far less than many of the designer jeans available on the market today and are currently shipped to over 30 countries around the world.

Tailors have been making custom clothing and in particular suits and shirts for centuries so what’s new here? The new twist is that computer and Internet Technology has allowed a one-to-one relationship between individuals and a sophisticated state of the art factory. This opens up the world of mass-customization for the average consumer.

The term currently used by industry leaders is that the “prosumer” becomes involved in the design and specification process with the manufacturer before production begins rather than simply being a consumer of goods or services offered off the shelf. The shape, form, and desires of clients are the starting point for a truly great fitting pair of TJ’s custom premium quality jeans. TJ’s Custom Jeans are the modern answer to frustrating and discouraging empty handed trips to shopping malls in search of “that perfect fitting pair of jeans.”

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Tailormade Jeanswear was established in 2003 offering factory direct made to measure custom denim jeans. The organization consists of design to wet processing under one roof. Specializing in premium quality custom denim jeans produced to the client’s unique measurements and specifications.

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