ORLANDO, Fla. — While the Mormon Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) is now the fourth largest church in the USA, and one of the world’s fastest growing, (approximately 300,000 new converts each year) it is also one of the least well understood. Most people like the members, but many have problems with the doctrines and history. Public reactions range from curiosity to animosity, says Walt Scott, author of “The Mystery and Controversy Surrounding Mormonism.”

These reactions are caused by wide spread lack of information and by misinformation. Virtually all of Mormonism rich literature has been written by members to members. The Internet has extensive information available at places like, but also a lot of anti-Mormon information. If you want to know something about a people, ask them, not their antagonists.

For oh, so long, Mormons have “turned the other cheek” to false and misleading characterizations, such as claims that their church is not a Christian church, or that it is a “cult,” with the result that many assume that what they have been told must be true. This well researched and documented book was written specifically for the public. It gives objective, clear, candid and comprehensive responses to frequently asked questions, discusses differences and commonalities with other Christians and people of other faiths, and explains the reasons for the differences.

The author hopes to promote understanding, tolerance, and mutual respect, by “demystifying” Mormonism.


Walt Scott, a fifth generation Mormon, has twelve pioneer ancestors, including one who joined the Church in 1837, seven years after its organization. This book benefits from that legacy and the author’s lifelong experiences in leadership and teaching assignments in the Church. He and his wife have six children, nineteen grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. From that group and their spouses, there have been twelve who have served full time missions for the Church, in New York, Texas, England, France, Russia, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and Taiwan.


Title: The Mystery and Controversy Surrounding “Mormonism”
Author: Walt Scott
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN 978-159858-500-1
6″ x 9″ paperback, 172 pages, US $16.95

An electronic version is available (free during November 2007) at

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