SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Ray Doktor, M.A., clinical hypnotherapist, presents a 2-hour workshop on March 24th on “Learn the Truth Behind ‘The Secret’ to Get What You Really Want,” at “Upstairs” @ Wild Oats Market 500 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90401. Workshop is $15. He also provides individual sessions.

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According to Doktor, while “The Secret” offers empowering tools to help people master the “Law of Attraction,” “The Secret” fails to mention three critical factors that must be addressed if one is to have the dream career, partner, or any other happily-ever-after scenario they desire.

Says Doktor:

1) If people want to be happy and feel alive inside, they must identify their core values first before they decide what it is they want to create.

“Many people have lost touch with their real needs in order to please others or to be accepted by society. We have been taught to live by a “reward and consequence plan,” which means that we will do what is expected of us so that we will be liked. We might say that we want to lose weight or have our dream career, but if we are not aware of our true core values, these things will not make us happy even if we are able to achieve them.”

2) People must honor their emotions and pay attention to the longing in their hearts, rather than the fantasy in their heads.

“The Secret” forgets the underlying stuff that lurks behind the wish. For example, I had a client who used the principles of “The Secret” in order to attract women into his life. Suddenly he was very popular, but this didn’t bring him happiness because he was so fearful of being in a committed relationship.

Ask yourself: How do you feel inside when you think about your dream? Is your dream in alignment with your heart? Many people think they want something, but upon receiving that thing discover that it doesn’t satisfy the deeper longing of their heart.

3) Seek outside support if you are unable to release worn out perceptions, or to disengage from misguided beliefs that consistently result in patterns of failure.

Oftentimes, individuals cannot get to the bottom of an unwanted issue by themselves. For example, a woman who has had little success in attracting a partner might have a belief that men are unavailable. She can say, ‘I’m going to meet better partners,’ but she has to change her internal world first before she can change her external world.

Perhaps she grew up with a father who was never there for her. Subconsciously, this woman might harbor an underlying belief that she is not lovable, or she might feel as though she doesn’t deserve any better. Until she identifies the core beliefs and feelings that are driving her perceptions that men are unavailable, she will repeatedly attract unavailable partners, no matter how many times she watches “The Secret.”

“The real truth behind ‘The Secret’,” concludes Doktor, “is that emotions fuel cognitions. Anybody can tell you what they think you should do, but you need to feel it. Emotions are like the ‘check engine’ light of the soul. One must identify and understand them in order to create one’s dreams.”

Ray Doktor M.A., clinical hypnotherapist will show you how that is possible in his workshop.

From the soul mate and the BMW, to the million dollar McMansion and having perfect health, the DVD and New York Times bestseller, “The Secret,” presents a formula for uncompromised success in every area of one’s life. As a genie appears who states, “Your wish is my command,” viewers are told they can have any experience or thing they want simply by ordering it from that great catalog in the sky called, “the Universe.” The groundswell for “The Secret” – including the multiple Oprah appearances by some of “The Secret’s” stars – has elevated “The Secret” to its current status as the recipe for “having it all.”

“The Secret” is based on ancient principles that are woven throughout the world’s major religions and spiritual traditions. The presenters in “The Secret” include such heavy hitters as Joe Vitale, author of “The Attractor Factor,” and Jack Canfield of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” fame. The key principles of “The Secret” revolve around one’s ability to understand the basic workings of the “Law of Attraction” – which involves identifying something that is wanted; maintaining the faith or unwavering belief that what is wanted will actually manifest, and being open to receiving one’s desire.

For more information, call 310-201-2969.

Note: Ray Doktor and Whole Minds have no direct or indirect interest or connection with the movie “The Secret” or its ancillaries or to any of its principals.

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