DENVER, Colo. — Can’t get everyone together at the same time? Trying to juggle schedules to organize a family reunion? Help is on the way. Vacation Never Ends, LLC announces the launch of a new web site that brings together family and friends for easy trip and event planning.

Founded by Shawna Barnhart and Jay Wopschall, Travel Group Planner(TM) (, was born out of necessity. They created a tool to help them plan their own group trips. Shawna and Jay frequently travel with friends and family and discovered a need for a tool to make their trip-planning efforts more efficient.

Vacation Never Ends Planning a trip with the use of Travel Group Planner is as easy as 1-2-3. Communication happens through one site and groups of any size can benefit.

“When we first started designing the site,” Shawna explained, “we used our personal experiences as a foundation for building the necessary tools.”

While there are a minimal number of sites that offer similar services, Travel Group Planner(TM) is unique in many ways.

For instance, the group does not have to know their dates or destination to start using the tool. People can simply use the web site as a social network just to start the conversation and to begin sharing ideas. Another unique feature is their meal planning section which can be found under “Things to Do.”

Members can suggest, comment and vote on dates, destinations, and accommodations. All group members’ contact information and itineraries are available to view; information is private and only members may access.

“We built the site to make it easy for friends and families to plan their trips without lots of hassle.” Shawna added. “It’s more user friendly than other sites.”

Vacation brainstorming is broken down into four categories: planning, booking, things to do, and memories. In the planning phase, groups decide and finalize their dates and destinations. Flight, car, hotel and other travel information are entered in the booking phase. The “Things to Do” section is where members talk about all the fun things they would like to experience, including meal planning. After the trip, groups can share trip memories. Travel Group Planner(TM) is integrated with Flickr so members can share photos and begin to plan their next escape!

Travel Group Planner(TM) was designed to support friends’ destination weddings, annual family camping trips, weekend water skiing trips, Thanksgiving ski trips, music concerts in gorgeous locations, and more.

People seeking to plan extended family reunions with new destinations each year, overnight trips to visit friends and family, adventure trips such as group scuba diving excursions, will all benefit from the service offered at Travel Group Planner.

“Trips are lots of fun when you share them with friends and family,” Shawna said. “And, with Travel Group Planner(TM) making the arrangements can be half the fun. Working together creates a sense of excitement and minimizes travel problems later.”

Travel Group Planner(TM) is strictly an online service. Users enter all the information without assistance or interaction from a travel agent. In the future, Vacation Never Ends has plans to add a travel agent feature.

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