VENICE, Calif. — So, what’s the buzz about the “Al Gore-ified” products and services that have been popping up on the Los Angeles business scene? Java Juice(R), Inc., a Venice-based coffee extract company, talks about the green scene and the upcoming Eco Gift Expo being held at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, December 15-16, 2007.

Java Juice(R) (, one of the companies scheduled to appear at the Expo, supports numerous programs designed to improve coffee quality, and social responsibility for individuals and communities working in all aspects of the coffee industry.

“Being a part of the Expo allows us to share in creating a business environment that is ethical and sustainable,” A. Karno co-owner of Java Juice, said.

Eco Gift Expo, Tommy Rosen Tommy Rosen, the force behind the first annual Expo (, is something of a green innovator. Richard Karno, originator of Java Juice Inc. is one of Los Angeles’ most innovative eco-preneurs. Rosen and Karno have also had a large impact on the green scene, but the two have never met, despite their close proximity of less than a mile. Will they meet at the Expo?

Rosen focused his marketing prowess on conjuring the greenest of the green Expos to enhance the holiday experience. He gathered together 150 companies to sell high-quality, eco-friendly gifts.

“The emphasis is on de-stressing the season,” Rosen said. “I wanted to create a holiday shopping experience that could serve a dual purpose – re-energizing relationships and giving back to the environment.”

Many areas of the community are getting involved. The Los Angeles Times is sponsoring an eco-gift wrapping station where shoppers can have gifts wrapped in the newspaper section of their choice; Whole Foods Market is providing reusable shopping bags; and groundwork(TM), LA’s largest organic coffee roastery (, will be sampling Java Juice(R) as well as selling pounds of its organic whole-bean Holiday Blend.

What is Java Juice? It’s a new, machine-less, (just add water) coffee extract made from 100-percent organic, shade grown, kosher, premium-grade Arabica coffee.

“It goes with me when I’m on the road. Without it I’ve got bupkis,” coffee barista, Alisabeth Brown, and assistant manager at Karno’s flagship store on Rose Avenue in Venice, quipped.

Java Juice(R) requires no brewers, grinders, or recyclable filters. Popular in the outdoor retailer industry because of its 0.5-ounce size, Karno notices it becoming equally as popular in urban settings.

“We’ll be demonstrating how to ‘rip it, drip it, and sip it,'” Karno said.

Karno, a second-generation native Angelino, became a “hometown hero” by growing his business while other mom and pop cafe’s were feeling the squeeze of heavily financed, corporate coffee chains. More than fifteen years later, Karno’s passion for organic and sustainable coffee has grown his business to six coffee houses and Java Juice(R) is sold on three continents.

Both businessmen hope that local sponsors take notice of their resident tastemakers. Will Karno, the seasoned eco-pro and Rosen, the new pioneer meet in the green trenches? Whatever the outcome, the Expo will be a meeting place for like-minded Southern Californians. Family entertainment and an organic food court will also be available.

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