VENICE, Calif. — Just in time for camping season, the Food Network’s series Unwrapped features Java Juice(R), a “machine-less” liquid coffee essence. On the upcoming Unwrapped segment titled “On the Go,” foodies will discover why the liquid concentrate was an immediate hit with the outdoor industry.

Retail giants such as and gave the innovation its first exposure to coffee lovers on the go. When buzz spread that Java Juice(R) tasted as good as was convenient, culinary channels began catching up.

Mark Summers hosts Unwrapped, a show focused on an under-the-hood peek at food innovations. The segment will explain the intricacies of coffee concentrate by Java Juice(R) creator Richard Karno. Because Java Juice(R) comes in liquid form, unlike powder-based instant coffees, it is a natural for recipes calling for superior coffee taste. For tiramisu, Black Gold BBQ sauce or anything mocha, this is your ingredient.

Because Karno defied the usual practice of using commercial grade coffee beans to make his extract, Java Juice(R) tastes good enough to make a cup of morning coffee with. The master coffee roaster chose the same ultra-high quality organic beans he roasts for his Los Angeles based Groundwork Coffee Co. The result is an extract with superior coffee taste. Since travel-sized servings come in nitrogen-flushed packets, the product isn’t exposed to oxygen, the element that renders coffee tasteless, until used.

Java JuiceWine and baked goods are a natural comparison for why oxygen can denigrate flavor. “No matter how fancy your push button coffee machine is, if the stuff going into it is stale, technology cannot save it,” said Karno.

Page Remick awarded Java Juice(R) a spot on Top 10 Eco-Products of 2007 on her site, where she provides consumers with reviews of sustainable products. Karno is eager to see Java Juice(R) introduced via Unwrapped in the hopes that more people will want to cook with it. Known for his complex coffee blends for Groundwork, Karno’s first concern was flavor.

“Until Java Juice, premium portable organic extract did not exist,” explains Karno, who is also known for his commitment to progressive relationship coffee-purchasing practices. The extract is sourced only from fair traded, shade-grown, certified kosher, organic coffee beans. “With Java Juice(R), we have created an organic, socially responsible coffee product you can add water to, cook and travel with. What more could you ask for?” Karno said.

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