ASHLAND, Ohio — SWL Retirement, Inc., Ashland, Ohio, today announced the launch of The Baby Boomer Retirement Game(TM) a hilarious new board game about retirement for Baby Boomers. The game combines nostalgia, life experiences and fun as players compete to be the first to reach “inner peace.” Because Boomers are not just focused on security like previous generations, the game revolves around three key lifestyle areas: Life Experiences, Health and Assets. The first to complete their retirement portfolio and then reach “inner peace” wins.

Baby Boomer Retirement GamePerfect for two, four, or six players, The Baby Boomer Retirement Game is a game that people want to play again and again.

Card decks with hundreds of questions and situations keep the game fresh and enjoyable for years of laughter and fun.

The Baby Boomer Retirement Game was created by a group of retiring baby boomers for retiring baby boomers.

With over 82 million baby boomers planning to retire by 2027, the game not only makes a great retirement gift, but it is something boomers will buy for themselves.

The Baby Boomer Retirement Game(TM) is available online at:

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