HOUSTON, Texas — With over 1.5 million design combinations, the highest quality 100% Belgian chocolate and flat-rate 12-cent pricing, forget what you know about the old foiled chocolate coins from your childhood. The Chocolate Coin Store ( is out to change the opinion of those waxy, gritty Kennedy or Lady Liberty chocolate coins of the past. “This is a revolutionary new concept for a 100-year old product that hasn’t measurably changed over the years,” said Scott Wayne, Chief Operating Officer of 15-year-old parent company Images in Chocolate. “Never before have consumers had so many choices of designs that can fit perfectly with their event theme.”

Chocolate coins have universal acceptance. Just try to find someone who hasn’t had them. But in the past, consumers had no options for what was imprinted on the coins and the chocolate inside those brightly colored foils simply wasn’t very good. “That’s where we’re different,” said Wayne, “Our chocolate is exceptional quality. It is 100% Belgian Callebaut chocolate with absolutely no concerns with the melamine tainting you’re hearing about in cheaply produced chocolate coins coming out of Asia. Our chocolate is not only completely safe, but an unrivalled quality for this type of product… especially at this price. And why limit customers to a couple of basic designs when we can offer images for any event, with any theme at the same price.”

Sweet 16, birthday, Mardi Gras, wedding, bar or bat mitzvah…. you name it, you can find it at The Chocolate Coin Store. And with the ability to select unique front and back images for your coins, the combination possibilities are endless. “Pirate-themed events are big these days. You’d be amazed how many couples want a flowery image on one side of their wedding favors and a skull & crossbones on the other. With us you can have it and not break your budget.”

With new designs being added weekly, there are coin designs that will be perfect for any event, with any theme. At a price of only 12-cents per coin, these delicious coins can be used for anything from birthday parties to fund-raising dinners.

With the holiday season right around the corner, how about chocolate coins with Merry Christmas on one side and Happy Hanukkah on the other for inter-religious families? “If we can help just one family cope with the age-old problem of their holiday message, it’ll all be worth it,” joked Wayne.

About The Chocolate Coin Store

Based in Houston, Texas, The Chocolate Coin Store is a subsidiary of chocolate industry leader Images in Chocolate. Specializing in 100% Belgian chocolate coins, the company offers thousands of design choices to fit any occasion at exceptionally low pricing.

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