HOUSTON, Texas — Houston-based transport provider Momentum Transport reports third quarter earning results for fiscal year 2008. Sales for Momentum’s vehicle transport division reported increased revenue for third quarter 2008, up 26% from third quarter 2007. Momentum attributes this increase to a surge in net-savvy consumers shopping for vehicles online at the websites of auto sellers and dealerships around the country. Websites like,,, and eBay have contributed to increased auto sales, which have in turn resulted in a greater need for cross-country vehicle shipping.

With informed buyers searching the vast selection of vehicles offered via the online marketplace, potential car buyers are taking advantage of deals not only in their own market, but markets in other parts of the country as well.

Consumers gravitating to auto transport companies like Momentum Transport find that utilizing these services not only saves valuable time, but also the protection of these newly-purchased vehicles from the wear and tear of cross-country transit.

Since 1996, Momentum Transport has been the nation’s premier provider of auto and freight shipping services. Momentum’s goal to provide value-priced, hassle-free transport services has helped to vault the company to one of the largest and most well respected transport providers in the country. From multi-national corporations and dealerships to the everyday consumer, Momentum Transport assists in the movement of thousands of vehicles and freight shipments on a yearly basis–while never comprising its commitment to unmatched quality and seamless customer service.

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