FREMONT, Calif. — TeamF1, Inc. (, a leader in embedded networking and security software, today announced the availability of advanced features in its software platform, enabling comprehensive solutions for service providers’ customer premise equipment (CPE) gateways. These features include a TR-069 component library, network stack enhancements for end-to-end QoS, advanced service provider controls, and the ability to provision value-added services over the network. Also included in the latest TeamF1 Platform are branding, usability and automated maintenance features specifically targeted to CPE gateways meant to be deployed by broadband, optical and wireless service providers.

TR-069, an implementation of the DSL Forum’s CPE Wan Management Protocol, standardizes remote management of CPE devices for residential and business use and is becoming a powerful and in many cases, mandatory mechanism to control devices beyond the gateway itself. Automatic provisioning and remote control made possible by the TR-069 protocol allows service providers more control over complex management of CPE devices.

TeamF1TeamF1’s TR-069 agent leverages the company’s standards-based implementation of protocols such as HTTP, XML/SOAP, and SSL/TLS. It is highly customizable and eliminates service provider “truck rolls” with its remote diagnosis and performance monitoring capabilities. It also supports mechanisms such as “notify” and “inform”, enabling the CPE device to actively notify the service providers’ Auto Configuration Servers (ACS) of changes in system parameters.

TR-069’s remote management is complemented by features such as an extensive framework for hierarchical management of configuration settings locally on the device, the ability to easily co-brand OEM device software for different service providers, and the ability to customize device functionality for various target markets without firmware changes. Expanded support for field debugging and “phone-home” style capabilities also reduce costs for OEMs and service providers alike, and advanced QoS modules in the network stack enable new revenue sources via value-added offerings that utilize bandwidth effectively. These features also work cohesively with TeamF1’s existing Ethernet switching and routing protocols to enable OEMs to bring to market CPE devices that require zero to minimal end-user configuration.

“We are very pleased to continue adding to our networking and security technology portfolio that all of our turnkey solutions can build on,” said Mukesh Lulla, president of TeamF1. “Solutions such as our Secure Gateway Solution, an advanced VPN/Firewall gateway software package, and Managed Access Point Solution, as well as other upcoming solution offerings can now leverage the CPE features we have added to our platform and enable OEMs to bring to market advanced, service-provider managed devices cost-effectively and quickly.”

TeamF1 offers its purpose-built firmware solutions based on the components in its embedded platform, licensed in binary or source code form, to meet specific target market requirements. The modular nature of the TeamF1 Platform makes it easily possible to add the new CPE features to any target turnkey solution in minimal time. Residential, SMB and enterprise class wired and wireless devices can all leverage the new features available for integration in TeamF1’s turnkey solutions.


The new CPE software modules, including the complete TR-069 agent implementation and other advanced features, are immediately available as add-ons to TeamF1’s Managed Access Point and Secure Gateway Solutions, comprehensive turnkey software packages that combine rich sets of field-proven, standard components with an array of customizable options.

About TeamF1

TeamF1, Inc. a privately held corporation headquartered in Fremont, California, is a leader in high performance embedded networking and security software. TeamF1’s products enable secure networking of telecom/datacom and industrial equipment, and provide the infrastructure components needed for switching and wireless products in various market segments. For more information visit the company’s website at or contact TeamF1 Public Relations at 510/505-9931 or email pr _at_

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