FREMONT, Calif. — TeamF1, Inc. (, the leader in embedded security, today announced that V-IPSecure – its high-performance implementation of IPsec and IKE protocols for IPv4 and IPv6 – successfully passed all the Virtual Private Network Consortium’s (VPNC) interoperability tests for IPsec VPN systems. This certification continues the company’s long-standing commitment to provide the embedded market with lean and robust security software complying with stringent industry standards.

VPNC is the international trade association for manufacturers in the VPN market, universally recognized for its emphasis on conformance testing and interoperability. To achieve certification, V-IPSecure was subjected to a comprehensive set of tests to ensure that it was interoperable with all products in the test set. V-IPSecure is certified for both Basic and AES Interoperability for IPsec VPNs.

“TeamF1 is committed to supporting all emerging and established security standards”, said Prasanna Kondapaneni, Vice President of Solutions Engineering at TeamF1. “As a member of VPNC, we are also pleased to be part of an organization that shares our philosophy of making VPNs more secure and easier to use for a broader audience.”

“We are pleased to have TeamF1 pass our strict certification standards,” said Paul Hoffman, director of the VPN Consortium. “With this certification, TeamF1’s customers can be assured of interoperability of their devices in multi-vendor IPsec VPN environments”.

V-IPSecure is one of the industry’s most advanced embedded protocol implementations architected to take advantage of hardware offload for use in VPN gateways and other high-security networking / telecom applications. V-IPSecure’s advanced features include a FIPS-certified cryptographic and authentication framework, NAT-T, IKEv2, IPComp and TeamF1’s XLR8(tm) acceleration framework for cryptographic algorithm and protocol acceleration.

About VPNC
Founded in 1999, VPNC is the 32-member international trade association for manufacturers and providers in the VPN market, which upholds the current and future IETF standards. VPNC issues certification logos to products of its member companies that have passed its interoperability tests, therefore increasing interoperability between its members and helping them better serve their potential customers.

About V-IPSecure
TeamF1’s V-IPSecure is a high-performance, lean and flexible implementation of the IPsec protocol suite. TeamF1 also supplies a choice of authentication implementations for IKE ranging from pre-shared keys and XAUTH to Kerberos/PKINIT and digital certificates. For more product details, please go to V-IPSecure version 3.0.x is immediately available for licensing directly from TeamF1 and through its channel partners.

About TeamF1
TeamF1, Inc. a privately held corporation headquartered in Fremont, CA, is a leader in high performance embedded networking and security software. TeamF1’s products enable secure management of telecom/datacom and industrial equipment, and provide the infrastructure components needed for switching and wireless products in various market segments.

For more information visit the company’s website at or contact TeamF1 Public Relations at 510-505-9931.

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