LOS ANGELES, Calif. /California Newswire/ — “Many business owners don’t realize that they can get the equipment they need for very little cash out of pocket,” says Bob Skibinski, CEO of Taycor Financial. “We’ve created a free online equipment financing calculator that shows you exactly what your monthly payments are going to be as well as the return on investment you’ll see by putting the new equipment to work in your business.” What’s unique about Taycor’s equipment lease calculator is that it also shows business owners the Section 179 tax deduction they can take when they lease equipment rather than buying.

Taycor Financial“You’ve got to include your tax savings into the overall cost when you think about leasing. It’s a huge benefit,” says Skibinski.

Incredibly easy to use, Taycor’s calculator also shows businesses the Return on Investment they can expect by putting the equipment to use in their business.

“We spent a lot of time to make sure we have the best equipment financing calculator on the internet. It shows our clients the numbers up front, plain as day – and they love it.”

Companies can see their estimated monthly payment, and can choose the term, and the type of lease. The equipment financing calculator even shows the net-cost-per-day of having the equipment in your facility.

“We want to be totally up front about what we can do for our clients and make sure they know exactly what terms and what benefits to expect. Our goal is to show business owners real numbers and real choices so they can get funded as quickly as possible. The online calculator helps us do that.”

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About Taycor Financial

Founded in 1997, with offices in Los Angeles CA and Boston MA, Taycor Financial is a fiscally sound and economically responsible partner for all your equipment leasing needs. “We strive to help small and medium-sized businesses of any industry to gain access to the best possible financing and leasing terms, for any type of new or used equipment from $5,000 up to $5 million. We aim to provide first class financial expertise along with offering the fastest, most reliable service in the equipment leasing industry.”