GREENVILLE, S.C. — Ice Rink Engineering is making it possible for kids to enjoy hands-on hockey play this summer at the Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh, N.C. The Marbles Kids Museum will be opening their “Marbles Olympics” summer exhibit, featuring the EZ Glide 350(TM) synthetic ice rink as “Center Ice” on July 12. The games will take place through August 24. Kids will skate on the EZ Glide 350(TM) surface using their socks or supplied “booties.”

Featuring Center Ice, Kids Decathlon, and Spirit of the Games, Marbles Olympics is the active summer sensation at the Marbles Kids Museum. Kids will enjoy hockey on a synthetic rink, negotiate the scooter kayak course, attempt a record-breaking leap in the long jump, and more.

Opening day activities include: a visit from Stormy, the Carolina Hurricanes’ mascot; a hockey workshop with Carolina Hurricanes’ staff; scooter kayak races; and Olympic decathlon relays.

The Marbles Olympics is presented by Wake Med Health and Hospitals; Center Ice is presented in partnership with the Carolina Hurricanes’ Kids ‘N Community Foundation.

This joint project would not be possible without the use of EZ Glide 350(TM) synthetic ice.

“With the use of EZ Glide 350(TM) synthetic ice, we are able to provide a non-refrigerated skating surface. And, together with the partnership of Marbles Kids Museum and the Carolina Hurricane’s Kids ‘N Community Foundations we are able to bring the experience of hockey team play to children who would not normally be exposed to it,” Tami Durham, COO, Ice Rink Engineering, explains.

The EZ Glide 350(TM) synthetic ice skating surface is easily installed and requires no refrigeration or ongoing maintenance/resurfacing. This green technology saves energy.

Developed for any application or weather, EZ Glide 350 is made from an exclusive polymer compound that holds up to heavy commercial or residential use. Microscopic beading improves skating performance while an interlocking panel system makes installation fast, simple and ensures a tight seal between panels.

EZ Glide(TM) panels can be set up for temporary special events, or permanently installed for years of trouble-free use. EZ Glide is ideal for traveling theatrical skating shows as well as private or commercial hockey practice rinks and training facilities.

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