SUNNYVALE, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Until a few years ago all tennis ball machines were practically the same, ranging in price from a few hundred dollars (providing one type of ball return) to about $10,000.00 (providing up to 8 variations) per cycle. Then the SuperCoach appeared on the market in 2004 (Version 1.0). Offering in one program sequence 30 different types of balls (flat, topspin, backspin, and lob) per routine, and each ball could land on a different spot on the court. This feature made the SuperCoach the favorite Tennis Ball Machine and the preferred choice for individuals who were looking for a virtual partner to play and entire game instead of practicing returning a certain ball type.

The SuperCoach Tennis ball machine could be programmed easily to do simple repetitive routines as well, but its capabilities do not end there.

Building on this success SuperCoach International developed a new version (2.0), which expanded the features and capabilities of the original idea. The intuitive user interface remained the same using the control panel (CP). Using the player’s court, ball types and other control functions you select the ball type you want to receive, select its location, determine the level of the play, and you can repeat this up to 30 shots. After the programming is done, select play and you are playing a challenging game.

If you like the game, you can save it in any of the 32 program locations, or edit a few shots before you save it. All saved programs can be recalled by pushing two buttons, edited, re-saved and so on.

Consider this. You are a tennis enthusiast or a professional and just taped a game at the latest Grand Slam tournament. You want to find out how you would do in one of the famous sets. Write down the sequence, program the SuperCoach and play it on any of the levels you choose.

It was possible to do this with the previous version of the SuperCoach with slight limitations. In this new version each and every ball can be modified, adjusted in all parameters, such as speed, heights, spin, timing between balls, until it exactly matches the desired characteristics.

Other New Features

* Optional interface between the SuperCoach and your PC. This allows you to create a routine on your PC download it into the Control Panel and play it. If all 32 program locations are used already, first you can save some of those programs on your PC before you overwrite them.

* This interface also allows the user to update the CP and the SuperCoach software through this interface when enhanced program versions become available.

* Enhanced calibration techniques to adjust for different kind of balls.

* Any stored program can be edited, modified.

* Individual Control Panel for each coach in the organization.

* All programs can run in a loop until they are stopped (including Random)

Who can take full advantage of using the SuperCoach Tennis ball machine?

* Professional players to practice game strategies and reducing the need for hitting partners.

* Tennis academies for all levels. It can be used as an assistant coach.

* Resorts who want to provide tennis partner when none is available.

* Individuals with their own tennis court, who want to play serious tennis any time.

* Professional coaches to reduce fatigue and allow them to be next to the player to correct technique.

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Price in US: $11,465.00 plus shipping.
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