SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. /California Newswire/ — “SLOW DOWN AND BREATHE!” “Have you considered a gluten free diet?” “You are such an inspiration! If I were you I wouldn’t talk at all.” These are comments San Francisco’s Only Female Stuttering Comedian, Nina G has encountered. Nina handles hecklers like a pro on stage, but once the show is over, she still has to endure disparaging comments about how she talks.

Comedian NINA G
Nina G shares her experiences as a stuttering comedian in her new show and forthcoming memoir: “Stutterer Interrupted: The Making of A Stuttering Stand Up Comedian.”

From presumptuous strangers completing her sentences for her to rudely being asked if she’s forgotten her own name to well-meaning but unwanted advice, Nina G confronts these indignities. Each show is unique as Nina G shares a different story: from her dream of becoming a comedian to finding a girl BFF who also stutters.

Says Nina G: “People who stutter encounter countless Interruptions! But even worse than the interruptions by others are the self-imposed interruptions I have put on myself because of the internalized stigmas about stuttering. My dream of being a comedian was stagnated because of this. It’s important that we consciously disrupt the interruptions that people who stutter experience. These interruptions may be when we are talking to others or it may be in what we believe about ourselves.”

For this stuttering comedian, she let her dream of stand-up comedy die because she thought she had to be fluent. Through challenging her own attitudes about what it means to stutter, she was able to reawaken this dream.

3 Northern California Performances:

San Francisco:

June 10, 2018 ¤ 7:00 PM ¤ Solo Sundays
Stage Werx Theatre
446 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

For more information on tickets for Solo Sundays go to:

June 13, 2018 ¤ 8 PM ¤ Storytelling Show with Damian Harmony
Luna’s Cafe & Juice Bar
1414 16th St
Sacramento, CA 95814, USA

Mill Valley:
July 18, 2018 ¤ 8 PM ¤ Story Nights with David Nihill
Throckmorton Theatre
142 Throckmorton Ave
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Nina G plans on bringing her one person show across the country in 2018 and plans to release a book by the same title. For updated information about the book to be released next year, go to

About Nina G:

A trailblazer

– Nina G was the only woman who stuttered in the stand up comedy world when she started eight years ago. Now there are a few other women who stutter venturing on stage to tell their stories and make people laugh.

A producer

– Nina G’s The Comedians with Disabilities Act featured exclusively comedians with disabilities. She also went on to produce their first compilation album to feature, as the the album title suggests, Disabled Comedy Only. Nina G’s brand of comedy reflects the experiences of many with disabilities: the problem is not the people with disabilities but rather a society that isn’t always accessible or inclusive.

An author

– Nina G wrote the children’s book Once Upon An Accommodation: A Book About Learning Disabilities which helps both children and adults understand how to advocate for needed school-related accommodations. The book is inspired from her own childhood experience of having learning disabilities, stuttering, and being denied accommodations in her own education.

Nina G tours the country doing stand-up comedy, her one person show, and as a conference keynote speaker. 

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