WASHINGTON, D.C. — Backbone Security, the market leader in advanced digital steganalysis tools, proudly announced their industry leading steganography application detection tool, Steganography Analyzer Artifact Scanner, passed rigorous testing by the Defense Cyber Crime Institute (DCCI) at the opening of The Computer Forensics Show today.

Developed in Backbone’s Steganography Analysis and Research Center (SARC), StegAlyzerAS is the most comprehensive and accurate steganography application detection tool available on the commercial market. Capable of detecting file and Windows registry artifacts associated with 650 steganography applications, StegAlyzerAS V3.0 is the digital forensic examiner’s tool of choice for detecting use of steganography to conceal evidence of criminal activity.

The DCCI test report states that StegAlyzerAS was able to: 1) identify the hash values of a significant number of files in the distribution libraries of a considerable number of steganography programs, 2) minimize the number of false positives by ignoring files typically associated with steganography applications but are also used in versions of the Windows operating system and popular software applications not associated with steganography, and 3) identify, with a high degree of accuracy, steganography programs that have been installed on suspect media even though only a small number of files associated with the programs currently reside on the media.

StegAlyzerAS is the only commercially available tool that includes the capability to scan the Windows registry for artifacts, in the form of registry keys or values, exclusive to steganography applications. DCCI’s test report indicated that the StegAlyzerAS registry artifact analysis feature was able to detect steganography programs “without producing any false or misleading indicators.”

Ultimately, “DCCI testing found both the hash set and registry analysis features of StegAlyzerAS are effective for law enforcement and forensic use.”

The report from December 2007 is available on the SARC web site,

About the SARC
The SARC was established to create and maintain a national repository of steganography applications, fingerprints, and signatures that could be consulted during the forensic examination of seized media. In addition to creating the world’s largest hash set exclusive to steganography applications, the SARC has also become the industry leader in developing world-class tools and techniques for detecting the presence or use of steganography and extracting information hidden with those applications.

About Backbone Security
Backbone is a PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) Approved Scanning Vendor that conducts automated PCI DSS compliance assessments with their industry leading One-Stop Scanning Solution. Backbone also provides real-time intrusion monitoring, certification and accreditation, business continuity planning, and disaster recovery planning services.

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