KIRKLAND, Wash. — Recession? Retrenchment? Nah. Not for LTC Financial Partners LLC, one of the nation’s most experienced long term care insurance agencies. Known as LTCFP or “The Partners,” the firm now has 456 agents, up from 264 last year, 167 in 2006, and 91 in 2005. Started in 2003, LTCFP is now profitable and paid its second annual dividend last month. “We’re planning continued strong growth this year,” says Cameron Truesdell, CEO, “and we’re looking for hundreds of new agents over the next couple of years.” Why the bullish prospects? Truesdell gives three reasons. First, he says, “Our clients keep on paying their premiums. They don’t want to lose this valuable protection.”

The second reason is the sheer size of the untapped market. “Only about 10% of the people who could benefit from long term care insurance now have it,” Truesdell estimates. “Our agents have no lack of qualified, interested prospects.”

The third reason for LTCFP’s bullishness is the energy of its agents, reinforced by the firm’s strong support. This support includes —

* Dividends based on ownership shares. Agents who become Partners own a piece of the business in the form of share grants. “This attracts top people,” says Truesdell. “It also builds loyalty and enthusiasm, and gives agents an additional source of income, over and above their regular income from premiums and renewals.” To Truesdell’s knowledge, no other large, national long term care insurance specialist offers such a plan. For two years in a row, starting in 2007, LTCFP has distributed over $1 million in dividends annually to its Partners.

* Warm leads from multiple sources. “Our agents don’t have to scrounge for prospects,” says Truesdell. “We supply high-qualify leads from direct mail, the Internet, and alliance partners.”

* Professional training and support. LTCFP recently formed an institute that trains qualified newcomers on the basics of LTC insurance, in just one week. In addition, senior agents are available to consult with newer agents at any time.

* Strategic relationships with professional organizations and corporations. Referral leads come from alliance partners including financial advisors, banks, in-home care providers, and associations such as the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys. Opportunities for group sales come from relationships with a growing number of large corporations. “They’re asking us to educate their employees on long term care planning,” says Truesdell.

* Marketing support. LTCFP supplies its agents with personally tailored brochures, direct mail pieces, and other items without having to create this material themselves. The marketing department, which has won industry awards, also offers its agents individualized websites and public relations campaigns.

“In our business,” says Truesdell, “we see no reason to cut back or slow down. With 77 million baby boomers starting to retire, we see a flood ahead, not a drought. We need more agents and need them now.” More information is available at

Valerie G, editor at CANW
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