STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. — “To spirited applause by the ‘phenomenal’ female champions honored at the ’35th Annual Sportswomen of Colorado Hall of Fame Benefit’ in Denver on March 8, Olympic skier Suzy Chaffee received the prestigious ‘Pioneer Award’ for helping their dreams come true. In 1975, Suzy led the Title 1X March in DC that led to giving equal opportunities to women in school sports,” said guest Cleo Arellano (Apache), a Bank of Omaha executive and supporter of the Native American Olympic Team Foundation (NAOTF), co-founded by Chaffee.

Suzy’s pioneering the first Ute Ski Program in Telluride 13 years ago, which snowballed and evolved into 25 Native Winter and Summer Olympic Hopefuls, also inspired cheers. Having coached Heads of State, this World Freestyle Champion/First Lady of Skiing is in Steamboat doing what she loves, dancing down mountains with Native “kids,” like seven year old Lakota Delaney Tyon, defending National Nastar Ski Racing Champion, and Olympic teammate, Billy Kidd (Abenaki). Kidd gets gifted Natives coaching through their Steamboat Winter Sports Club, which produced 69 Alpine and Nordic Mainstream Olympians.

The victorious Tyon from Wounded Knee (poorest rez in America), said, “I won because so many helped me, including Derren Derosier, Terry Peak (SD) Ski School Director.” ( “updatez”)

Stanford’s 2007 Nobel Laureate Climatologist skier, Dr Stephen Schneider, praised U.S. Ski areas for giving thousands of Native kids exciting alternatives to diabetes; and tribes gladly share how to live in more harmony with Nature, critical to rebalancing weather/snow.

While the stunning ski ballet this blond pioneered in the “Suzy Chapstick” commercials, helped put fun into American fitness, her new “Suzy Chaffee Naturals” 95-percent organic lip balm (created with The Vt. Country Store Catalog), walks the talk of California scientists and tribal Elders: Follow Europe and Maine in switching to all natural products to cut cancer and glacier-melting pollution in half! (See “Top 10 Toxins To Upgreen” on

Suzy says all Americans can get “lean and clean” by also trying stevia, a natural sweetener that doesn’t raise blood sugar. After inspiring Nunaturals to make tasty Nustevia a Native American Olympic Team Sponsor, “good morning America” dubbed stevia the “holy grail of sweeteners,” and Coke(R) and Pepsi(R) have also starting using stevia extract.

Tribes see that combining healthy sweeteners with fun sports opportunities, especially for girls/moms who get families healthy, can save billions in healthcare and welfare, just as title 1x has since saved America a trillion – key to free health insurance.

NAOTF is a Tucson 501(c)3 partnership of U.S. Tribal Leaders and Olympians “creating joyful unity through sports to heal earth for all children.” Special thanks to Neotrope’s

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