HOUSTON, Texas — Spirit Drilling and Completion Fluids announced today that Dynamic Drilling Fluids of Denver, Co. will combine with the company, expanding Spirit’s operations into the Rocky Mountain region. The company will be renamed Spirit Drilling and Completion Fluids, LTD and will be a key component in Spirit’s expansion from the Gulf Coast into the significant petroleum basins of North America.

Both Spirit and Dynamic customers will benefit from a larger technical staff, improved logistics in the form of warehousing, well programming and stock points, and continued product development.

“The philosophies and approach to business of each of our companies are very well matched,” said Dynamic’s founder, Don Williams, “We feel we are gaining a great partner; and with Spirit’s robust mineral supply, our combined operations and capabilities will continue to expand.”

The partnership with Dynamic has deepened and developed into this latest move. We are proud to welcome the Dynamic people into our group in order to continue to provide outstanding service and products to our customers,” Bill Micho, president and CEO of Spirit stated. “Dynamic’s expertise in the region will be a tremendous benefit as we develop technology with products specific to the challenges faced by operators in the Rockies.”

Spirit Drilling and Completion Fluids is a provider of products and services to the oilfield industry. Spirit will operate in North Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast inland and offshore waters. The new company will employ more than 160 professionals.

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