LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Spanish Lead Services (SLS) announced this week the launching of “Demand for our Spanish auto leads has grown 245% since we’ve returned from the NADA industry show held in Las Vegas, this past February,” said Seth Schiller, President of SLS. “Our outbound Spanish call centers couldn’t keep up with the demand for our Spanish auto lead product. We had no choice but to figure out another way to generate those leads.”

The Internet had to eventually play a role in the growth of the Spanish auto lead business, but no one was just targeting the Spanish auto finance market, until now. What makes site different from the other Spanish auto finance lead generating sites, is its targeted strategic alliances with local Spanish radio stations. “Hispanics listen to a lot of radio. It’s a great way to build our ‘auto credit’ site brand recognition among that community,” according to Mr. Schiller.

Because of the lead delivery technology SLS uses, radio stations have an opportunity to share in the revenue generated by the leads. Some stations will make the choice to have a stake in the success of the lead program within their market, so they’ll promote it “on air” and with an ad banner link, on the home page of their websites. This will generate Hispanic consumer awareness and hopefully consumer acceptance of the site, as an easy, online way to get local Spanish auto financing, even if you have less then perfect credit.

In order to speed delivery, SLS uses standard lead industry software, that deliver the leads in real time, directly to dealers’ lead management tools, based on a zip code radius from their store. This makes it easier for the dealer to follow-up and keep track of the leads. It also makes it easier to calculate ROI for the lead program. The company offers a 5-day, 100% bad lead return policy. This assures the dealers they’re only buying and working real Spanish auto leads.

Now car dealers have two reliable, original sources for Spanish auto purchase leads. Outbound telephone generated by SLS’s Spanish call centers and inbound Internet generated off their new website, With the addition of the Internet generated Spanish auto finance leads, SLS is poised to remain the #1 Spanish auto lead provider in the USA.

About SLS
Spanish Lead Services is a full service, Spanish language advertising and marketing company, that delivers Spanish auto purchase and mortgage finance leads thought mass media campaigns, outbound telemarketing and Internet sourced leads through their website, .

For more information on Spanish advertising and marketing call, 1-800-752-1852 or visit, .

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