CENTERVILLE, Ohio — Dr. Richard Donnini, President and Founder of the Pain Evaluation & Management Center of Ohio has recently announced that Dr. Mark Thomas, one of the most renowned addiction and pain medicine specialists in the State of Ohio, has joined the team at PEMCO. This outpatient pain clinic is unique in many ways, as it was the very first outpatient comprehensive pain center in all of southwest Ohio and continues to be a leader in what is considered to be the most appropriate treatment for chronic pain patients.

The American Pain Society has indicated that the most appropriate pain referral for a chronic pain patient is to a comprehensive pain clinic. PEMCO is the most comprehensive pain clinic in all of southwest Ohio and provides the widest variety and most comprehensive care for chronic pain patients. They have done so for 17 years, have over 40 years combined experience, and 40,000 procedures.

In addition to the most advanced interventional procedures that include spinal stimulators, vertebroplasty, radio frequency, and spinal pump treatment, the clinic has a physical therapy department with the most advanced equipment. The clinic provides medical management of patients using a variety of different medicines when other alternative treatments including interventional procedures have failed to provide a patient with appropriate pain relief. Additionally, the clinic has acupuncture, massage therapy, three nurse practitioners, and supplies a variety of durable medical goods that help provide patients improved functioning and pain control.

The clinic has a full-time psychologist on staff: Dr. Thomas Heitkemper, who is renowned as a pain psychologist and former head of the inpatient pain center at Jewish Hospital.

When asked about the addition of Dr. Thomas, Dr. Donnini replied, “We are one of the largest outpatient pain centers in Ohio, but we are not concerned with being the largest, only the best. Our growth has been selective and we choose to associate with the best of the best in order to give our patients top quality pain care. Dr. Thomas reflects that quality and will only improve on what we already offer.”

In summary, Dr. Donnini continued, “Additionally, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive multidisciplinary environment, which clearly offers the best option for a patient’s chronic pain condition.”

More Information about the Pain Evaluation & Management Center of Ohio (PEMCO), is available at or by calling 937-439-4949.

Valerie G, editor at CANW
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