GREENVILLE, S.C. — SATSair, a provider of on-demand air cab services, is pleased to announce that the 2007 fiscal year which finished strong and marked significant growth and achievement for the company, continues in the 1Q 2008. SATSair experienced more than 60% growth in the number of flights from 2006 to 2007. The air cab operation flew more than 16,000 flights and landed in 27 states in 2007. SATSair ended the year with over six million passenger miles flown since the company’s inception in November 2004.

The most noteworthy year-to-year growth took place in Florida, which saw a 314% increase in flights over 2006. Though Florida showed the most notable growth, every state SATSair flew to in 2007 saw an increase in flights from the previous year, including considerable growth in the company’s core six-state region.

SATSair’s headquarters is located in South Carolina which had an average of 3 flights per day into all the major economic centers such as: Greenville/Anderson/Spartanburg, Charleston/Beaufort/Hilton Head, Columbia, and Myrtle Beach. Just as importantly, of 60 public use airports in South Carolina, SATSair landed in 47 of them, providing the start of an effective South Carolina Intrastate Air Network.

Traditionally, the use of the air cab service has been a remedy for driving trips of 2-5 hours, not a replacement for other forms of air travel. However, 2007 saw a shift with a significant number of new SATSair customers using the point-to-point air cab operation as a solution to their hub-and-spoke airline frustrations and woes, in fact decreasing the door to door travel times.

“We’re extremely pleased with our 2007 and 1Q 2008 numbers and the growth they represent,” said Steve Hanvey, SATSair CEO and President. “2007 was a landmark year for our innovative business concept. In 1Q 2008, we have seen that trend continue even with the broad economic concerns of today. This is our fourth year in business; we’re continuing to refine our air cab model that provides economical personal travel for our growing customer base.”

Nearly 90% of the company’s business for 2007 was in a six-state region, comprised of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. SATSair currently serves more than 600 airports throughout the Southeast.

About SATSair
SATSair, Smart Air Travel Solutions, is the first company to offer the innovative air cab service based on extensive research and strategic relationships with agencies such as NASA and the FAA. Using new Cirrus SR22 aircraft, SATSair’s mission is to provide safe, convenient, economical air travel and top-notch customer service. SATSair’s service area includes much of the eastern United States.

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