LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Latin Thug Records presents the debut album from ground-breaking artist SOLOW13. The album will be available in stores and online February 26, 2008. Produced by SOLOW13 and Aaron (T-Bone) Boatright. The project represents a lifetime of work and experiences from this breaking talent. Legendary mastering engineer Brian “Big Bass” Gardner (Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Linkin Park, Madonna) mastered the project to create what will surely become a classic, iconic album.

Born in Jalisco, Mexico, SOLOW13’s five-year old life was shattered when his father, in a drunken rage, shot and killed his mother, wounded his aunt and attempted to shoot him and his siblings. Like something from a movie, the family, led by SOLOW13’s 16 year old brother, began their journey for a better life in America.

hip hop artist SOLOW13 A journey that took them by foot, by train and by water, and finally hiding under the floorboards of a truck. Once here, SOLOW13’s natural talents began to show, both academically and as a hustler on the street.

He continued to lead this dual existence, developing and excelling academically, while honing his street skills and knowledge as well. This relentless pursuit of the American dream has certainly turned friends to enemies, left him in dangerous situations and left him broke and homeless more than once. Never again, as he has harvested these experiences to create WARRIOR13 and now presents it to the world.

The project presents SOLOW13’s vision and message of peace. The project speaks to his life in the streets and he keeps it gangsta with his dynamic flow and word-painting metaphors but has recorded a clean album. Not that there’s a clean and dirty version, the whole project was recorded squeaky clean, as part of SOLOW13’s message and soul.

SOLOW 13 comments: “This project is my life. These songs represent my history as a Mexican American, my soul as a True Believer and everything I am about. The time is right for my message and I know the world is ready. It’s not a Black or White thing anymore, It’s a Brown thing now. I’m here to make SUR of it.”

The project includes guest appearances from rap icons B Real and Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, with B Real’s appearance on “Whistle13” and Sen Dog’s appearance on “Soldiers and Warriors.” Joining the lineup is the original Godfather of Latin Rap, Mellow Man Ace, who drops a mean 16 bars on “Dickies with the Polo.”

The single “Whistle13” is impacting Urban radio now and a video for the single is in production from legendary director DaDa (Snoop, Xzibit, The Game).

About Latin Thug Records
Latin Thug Records is blazing a new era in hip hop, with releases including The Reyes Brothers “Ghetto Therapy” and all 3 volumes of Cypress Hill’s B Real’s Gunslinger series. The label will release new projects from Mellow Man Ace, B Real and Steve-O in 2008.

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