FREMONT, Ohio — Style Crest, Inc. has combined state-of-the-art technology and superior product engineering to produce the industry benchmark in manufactured home HVAC equipment. In addition to an extensive range of HVAC products, the Smart Components line includes 13 SEER air conditioning condensers with Micro Channel technology.

As part of the Smart Components line, Style Crest’s new 13 SEER Air Conditioning Condenser Units bring ground-breaking Micro Channel technology to the industry. Micro Channel technology replaces traditional copper tube/aluminum fin heat exchangers with all aluminum multi-path, parallel-flow tubes and enhanced fins.

Micro Channel is the new technology that is more efficient, resulting in a unit that is up to 40% smaller, 30% lighter and requires up to 50% less refrigerant. This combination allows for easier installation and maintenance and has up to 7 times the corrosion resistance of conventional units. By reducing the environmental impact, the smaller refrigerant charge creates additional value.

Furnaces in the Smart Components line are air conditioner and heat pump ready. A built-in coil cabinet provides for the simple installation of an air conditioning evaporator without the moisture problems associated with an uncased coil. Electric furnaces feature sound absorbing insulation for even quieter operation.

Evaporator coils from the Smart Components line will work with any manufactured housing-type furnace, and are ARI rated for use with a variety of manufacturers’ condensers. However, when used in combination with a Micro Channel condenser unit, these coils deliver even greater performance. Offered in nominal 2 through 5 ton capacities, these coils offer true 13 SEER efficiency.

Distributors, contractors, retailers, and homeowners appreciate the higher performance, easier installation, and lower maintenance of the Smart Components line of HVAC equipment, offered by Style Crest. In both new construction and replacement applications, Smart Components deliver engineered solutions to the manufactured housing industry. Smart Components – Great Ideas Individually…Together They’re Brilliant!

Style Crest is a vertically integrated manufacturer, distributor and installer of products for the housing industry. With more than 35 years of experience and proven performance, Style Crest provides the advantages of service and products for the evolving housing construction marketplace.

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