Yohannes TayeSAN JOSE, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Today, cabdriver Yohannes Taye announced the formation of For Cabdrivers(TM) ( a website dedicated to getting cabdrivers connected from coast-to-coast. According to Taye, the site will act as a central location and gathering place for all information and ideas out there in "cab land" – a website for cabdrivers by cabdrivers.

This endeavor didn't start out in the garage of a Silicon Valley house or mansion. This small project started at the Silicon Valley Airport in San Jose, Calif., where Yohannes typically waits for fares in his cab. When he picks up a new fare, he often drives his "mostly hi-tech customers" to the highly innovative regional companies of Google, Apple Computer, Yahoo!, Facebook and the like.

"I was thinking of ways of applying all this innovation around me so that it can be of benefit to us cabdrivers," said Taye. "Then one day the idea came to me that there should be a website where all cabdrivers can come together to exchange ideas and information among themselves. A site where all cabdrivers can get connected to each other; all together at one place."

In his search for websites that deal with cabdrivers, Taye came across a few that were informative. However, the sites showed limited or no feedback from drivers, and also were specific to certain cities or regions. So his focus was on the formation of a site which allowed for a broader input and feedback from cabdrivers from all over; hyper-national versus hyper-local.

The site tries to look at commonalities among the cabdriver community so that drivers can come together in order to benefit themselves, their families and by extension their communities.

Based on the above premise, some of the topics that the website will be focusing on include:
– The sharing of news related to the cab industry;
– How some of the useful news from different regions can be applied to local situations;
– How immigration laws can affect us and our families;
– Saving money on day-to-day expenses like gas;
– Information drivers need to know in order to take care of their credit; and so on.

The website is divided into different sections like the "Cabbie News" where drivers can get all the news about cabbies and the cab industry from all over. At the "Notice Board" section, drivers can exchange good wishes on the arrival of newborns, graduations, weddings, and also make community events announcements.

The other areas deal with drivers buying and selling their cabs, getting all kinds of useful information on improving their credit scores, how to save on gas, and the like.

At the "Quotes, Facts & Jokes" subsection of the Cabbie News(TM) section, drivers will be inspired by quotes from people of wisdom from all over the world; laugh at the jokes, and get some interesting factoids. According to Taye, the first quote of the site comes from Robert H. Schuller who said, "If you listen to your fears, you will die not knowing what a great person you might have been."

On the portal, drivers will be able to find out about current weather and time information for more than 600 cities worldwide and be able to do currency conversions for about 160 countries.

"We'd like to thank the Timeanddate-com and Likeforex-com websites, respectively, for these very useful information tools," says Taye.

"We are also very grateful to the great company Google for Google Translate, which allows us to translate the contents of our site into 64 different languages. For an industry as diverse as the cab industry, this is of great benefit to us."

Finally, to encourage membership and participation, prizes will be awarded to drivers. It is also in the future plans of to award scholarships to drivers who demonstrate exceptional achievements in the education as well as other fields as yet to be determined.

Yohannes Taye, who formed the site with the help of his technology advisors Derek Herrold & Lars Deruntz, has attended colleges in Ethiopia, the U.S. and other countries. He just completed a web design course in order to facilitate the formation and development of the For Cabdrivers(TM) website.

Learn more about the new resource for cabbies to connect, at: .

Yohannes can be contacted on the website via the "Contact Us" page.

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